I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

As Summer Lingers

Happy mid-week, friends. As summer maintains its hot greedy grasp we are experiencing such beautiful beach weather here.

This weekend was maybe the best of the summer so far, and October looks to be hot and sunny as well. We'll take it and enjoy each day, it will be icy and dark soon enough.

Look at my lovely almost deserted beach. I counted ten family groups in all. Only a few swimmers and surfers [no lifeguards], big choppy waves , and a mostly shore break.

Gully, my little companion all these years 

A brief fog bank rolling in and out.

I prepped my Year block for September to take to sew on---I did get it together with advice from Penny and Dorothy. Only the main body of the house is sewed.

But it was too windy to work on it. I got a nice section of Bitty accomplished instead, hooray!

Another afternoon as Mo and I were headed to our beach sit-and-drink session [tricks included] we came upon this creature hogging our beach bench.

It was HUGE, those bench slats are about 3" wide; I am guessing he was at least 5" himself. It is a praying mantis, harmless.

Note the looong feelers and scary eyes? No way was I gonna sit with him, and Mo has a thing for eating bugs.

Even though it was a bit creepy I didn't want to harm it or scare it. I coaxed Mo down to the boardwalk instead.

Another day, a quick stop in the little Target over the bridge.  Not very interesting but I loved these garments from Isaac Mizrahi--the sundresses are either faux silk shantung [plaid] or--swoon, the solid sundresses are finest pinwale cotton corduroy, what an inspired idea. [yes, these are adult clothes]

Late delivered Lily Pulitzer muumuus? Even I wasn't feeling that beachy.

And I picked up some very on sale Halloween candy for when I redo the house for Fall in a week or two. These are Cadbury ''eggs'' for Fall. I LOVE Cadbury eggs, another inspired idea to have them in Fall colors, isn't it.

And we can blame blog friend Kit in Montana for this choice. I always get candy corn, love candy corn, and I had never seen, or not noticed, this Fall Mix til she showed it on her blog. It has little pumpkins mixed in, how adorable. It can fill my candy jars through Thanksgiving, or be bagged up for trick or treaters too. Or--you can use them in a Fall Party Mix like this  , bagged up pretty for Thanksgiving table favors---or fill a big bowl to set out during all those football games. Just do a search for Fall Party Mix on Pinterest. So fun.  HERE

And last---the local end of summer fair, sigh. I love a Ferris wheel and hotdogs and fuzzy toy prizes. My friends' little girl won a stuffed toy Pug. Oh my I was jealous, wasn't I.

have a good week.



gone to the beach....

"Bugs are yummy, mommy! Flies are FUN!"