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Monday, June 13, 2011

Flea Market Finds and other Costly Adventures of my Week

Hi! Good weekend?

This past week I had to buy a new car...
I don't know about you but for me, buying a car ranks right up there with say, root canal? Maybe even worse?

I was so nervous the first day I slammed my hand in the car  door at the post office, mailing my etsy boxes. The car promptly locked, my hand squinched in the mechanisms of the latch.  You stand there looking for your hand....uh? Then, then, the damn door won't open!? Hello?
The next day I went to the Jeep dealer. Now I may be shy. I may be a woman shoppng alone for a car---but I know what I want, I know my budget and I spent many many years in the garment industry. I know how to haggle.

What's with these people anyway? They think a budget is just a suggestion? Wishful thinking? After shopping around I got my "deal"---my new Jeep will be very sufficient to my needs. but I will yearn after every Grand Cherokee Overland/ Limited I see for the next zillion years. Or...maybe not. I got a very good deal! And it isn't red.

All this bargaining made me have a very bad attitude:
do not waste my time!!!
 It carried over into Sunday's small but fun flea market.

I wanted these pale lavender apothecary bottles and I wanted them cheap!

 Here they are partially cleaned. I am wondering, should I sell them as is and let the buyer enjoy the purpling process?

If indeed they continue to deepen? I liked the funky "fogginess" of the old glass...and the hand-ground necks where there once were glass stoppers.

He gave me a good price, I offered half. I was willing to bicker over a dollar. And I won.

 I was even tough with my jewelry and silverware dealer-friend: she just wasn't cheap enough. Not after Jeep week.

Fun vintage pins/ brooches!

I've been using them on my white linen hearts.
Below is just for quick blog photos, NOT how they'll look when done....

Like all my supplies they do have to be a "bargain" or I can't sell the hearts for enough to cover my costs. This little man, below, is the cutest thing ever!  The little bee or ladybug is on a spring and vibrates! So adorable I may keep it. (And well, it is turquoise!).... 

I even made a video for you all to see it, lol:

This was a last minute toss in, because I 'll always buy hearts! Pretty, I thought, nice for a multi-chain bracelet...

I thought the chain and charms might even look good on a ring bearer's pillow, if a bride liked vintage-y bling.

When I got the necklace home and looked with my magnifyer I saw the piece is stering silver with marquisite and presumably zirconias, definitely not rhinestones! I may offer it on my etsy shop as is. So sweet!

I'll post a picture of the new Jeep when I pick it up! Wish me, uh...Bon Voyage?



......gone to the beach