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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Out and About ~ The Pumpkin Patch

Hi! October cannot be allowed to fly by without a visit to the the pumpkin patch to admire their gorgeous flowers and spectacular warty pumpkins and gourds! L and I tried to explore other pumpkin places---one was desolate and empty, the other, where the spring flower show is held, was overrun with screaming kindergartners, bussed in from, it looked like, every elementary school in a 100 mile radius. We took one look and ran away.
(I was quite disappointed as the website advertised Hot butter-dipped roasted corn on the cob, hot cider, pumpkin donuts, and homemade artisanal fudge! mmmm. )

Instead we visited  our usual favorite shop. Perhaps a bit redundant for my blog friends, but to me, they never disappoint. Let's have a look!

Beautiful unusual garden plants:

A few true giants!

Apples and pumpkins galore.

 Petting zoo with baby goats and piglets. He was so cute and friendly but I was scared to pet him. Do goats bite?

And then the bins of gourds and squash and pumpkins. Bin after bin. I love these, though I somehow never do buy a warty pump, do you?

I got a half dozen of these minis instead.

And a few gourds to dry.

Decorations for the people who are bored by orange and black, below . Very inventive--- love the polka dots always. This year they featured tin buckets, black with white polka dots, plus a few ceramic pumpkins.

Fabulous pre-planted deck baskets, lovely choices, not just mums.

More warties!

A Halloween fairy garden.

Such a fun afternoon.

We also stopped into Home Goods in early October. I was pretty proud of their merchandisers for not having scads of Christmas. Instead, a fun, seasonally appropriate, selection of Halloween and Fall.

A glass warty! LOL.

 Velvet punks.

Mercury glass, still popular.

Sand blasted/ seaglass gourds.

Aqua pumpkins, wood?

Best costume--- mermaid on a pink velvet seahorse, just darling.

You know I love bowls, and dots, and stripes! Pumpkin-colored.

Plaid is pretty cool, and cozy.

Spooky dishes.

Back home, Mo is cozy and hiding from the chill winds and oncoming storm. At a friend's house.

These are my newest lavender sachets, with a nature and honey bee theme. All proceeds will go into my seeds that attract bees fund for my next year's garden. On etsy by Thursday.

Tonight, be sure to look up and admire October's Full Harvest Moon. It will be huge and orange, rising at sunset. I'll light my Moon Dance candle and drink a little toast to the changing year.



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