I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, March 9, 2017

In and Out, Out and About

Hello! What a glorious day we had today. In fact the whole week has been pretty good, funny how quick we forget though. And it is March. Big winds!

Mo and I are continuing our walks every day right before Mo's dinner, at sunset. I'm training him to expect just the short walk to the beach bench then past the feral kitties' winter lodging, then round the corner and home.

But one day was soooo nice we took our old fave route to the koi pond!
We went through the secret beach path alley.

We found daffodils shoots,

and snowdrops.

The koi were bright orange but motionless.

They seem to go into a state of suspended animation. Frozen fish! The round thing must be an aerator not a heater since there was ice forming on the pond surface.

Back home my forsythia is still blooming brightly! Third week, for 3.99. What a bargain.

This is one paper white narcissus that was a very slow grower. I like how small it has stayed! It's very cute, no scent.

And the pussy willows are cheery and fun too. I put some trimmings in a sea glass medicine bottle,

the rest are on the pine bride's bench. The fluffy blooms are so adorable. Though they don't stay pink, too bad.

Today it was 61* when I drove to the post office. [with probably a wind chill of low 40s, but still.] I rushed home and prepped a hand applique block so Mo and I could sit on the deck.

Oh this makes him so happy, it's even better than getting to sleep in mommy's bed. So, okay. (I enjoy it too. Natural vitamin D!)

My first pineapple, for Fall Festival.

A messy rush job.

The red gets trimmed away, it's just there for stability. The technique is called ''reverse applique".

Here's a section of the pattern photo, so you can see how the pineapples will look.

A few people have said they don't like the idea of pineapples and as I sewed I had the notion that, if shortened a bit, they could be wonderful bee skeps/ bee hives with black crows sitting on the top?  I love the pineapples, so now it's a quandary!

Mo and I watched the big sand mover truck. It came right up onto our dunes where the boardwalk has been all winter.

[The walkway was lifted up so the machine could grade the path, then it will be relaid. Otherwise the path becomes too steep.]

All this good weather and hints of spring? Hahaha...big snow coming tomorrow , followed by frigid temps, or so the weather bug tells me.

I'll be busy with my Wild Geese spacers. Mo is practicing wearing his Mad Pilot hat. We're ready.

PS Mo's current trick-in-training is to dance on his hind legs, and to pirouette!  He's got the dance down, but the spin needs work, hahaha. I think he knows there's a pink tutu in his future...



gone to the beach...