I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Just Checking In ~ Winter Hurricane Watch

edit on Thursday noon: lots of snow and wind, but safe and warm indoors, so far!

Hi! Who ever expected my first post of the New Year would be a hurricane watch update! The weather folks have been having a ball all day with their dire warnings and forecasts. "Bomb Cyclone"!  LOL. Who thinks this stuff up?

My clinic treatment , which NEVER is changed, is rescheduled for Monday, sigh.
Personally I think the storm will miss us here. Which would be a good thing!  Look at this sky!

No ominous at all. Except for the dark band of clouds behind the ships. This photo is looking south southwest, New Jersey coast to far right, out of the photo.

I will try to add posts if things deteriorate. So far, all is very calm, and not quite so  cold.
Note they are calling for barometric pressure as low and winds as high as H Sandy. [last line, below]

That would be bad and I may lose power. However I do not have a migraine aura or any migraine symptoms yet at all, which is what leads me to hope the storm will stay out to sea. Very low pressure is my greatest migraine trigger; H Sandy was one of the worst headaches I have ever had.

Mo is ready!

He looks so tiny here! But he is not! And he jumped on the dining table and ate a huge bowl of steamed veggies, when I went to the kitchen last night, left him briefly unsupervised. He is waddling.

But  what Mo really likes is the winter sun warming his bones all afternoon.

He glares at me til I fail to move the bed as the sun shifts.

He especially likes lying under the dappled shade of his lime tree from the summer deck. All is right with Mo's world when he can enjoy a sunny nap. [yes, I know the lime tree looks poorly, I'll trim it back once I harvest these last fruits.]

On another more fun note, look at what we saw at Home Goods! They were hard to photograph, and pushy ladies kept shoving me ''outta the way!''...but so inventive and adorable! Giant tin cooky cutters!

Waist high so 3 1/2 feet tall? If I have a place to store them they'd have come home with me for sure, especially the snowman. Wonderfully exact replicas of traditional shapes. [I wish I'd bought him too bad!]

I got a little lavender plant for my thrifted sugar pot, I'll show you next time. It smells so good when the sun hits the tender grey green leaves.
Tonight we're having stirfry, lots of nice vegs on brown rice, leftover beef and pork loin optional. I have plenty of food on hand, so all should be okay. Stay warm!



gone to the beach...

old New Years photo but a fave of mine.
Beach graffiti!

Who me? I didn't...