I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hi! I started this post about the flea market and realised it is a little same old! I guess a person buys/ finds what they like or collect or can use?

Anyway, here goes. The flea market was nice, maybe 75% of its summer height of a few years ago before the church and parking issue forced it to be tiny and awful. Now it is in its new spot and on a grey and foggy but warmish Sunday it was busy and fun. I actually prefer it when it's 60* not 90* but I guess the dealers don't so much.

I got a giant safety pin full of teeny tiny keys..

Aren't they adorable?

Someone's collection?
Some are only 1/2" long and all have a nice honestly rusty patina.

Then chandelier crystals for Christmas ornaments...


And I was thinking these were strings, ''strands of diamonds'' but most are loose.

I probably won't get them made for this year, times is going by so fast! And with no mail service here still, it seems hardly worth the gas to drive over all the bridges to the  only post office that is working. Hard to know what to do...things are a bit difficult here still.

Then a few beach finds. The sand is quickly reclaiming the driftwood debris from Sandy and as it smooths itself out, a few bits of seaglass have emerged.

This is a neat very purple bottle neck. Newly broken. How I'd have loved to find the bottle in its unbroken state!

I thought it was a milk bottle but the big 4 on the reverse has me stumped.

The additive that allows glass to turn purple was discontinued in approximately 1910, so we know this bottle is hundred years old..

And then a useful bit of plastic. A Disney something? It will be a perfect template for some of the border flowers on the Porch Quilt. So I brought it home.

The best find did not come home with me, sigh. It was at a Marshall's, one of the ones that isn't closed and plywooded up. The find was a huge mercury glass heart Christmas ornament! Like a kugel repro, silver inside, very heavy. It was maybe 12 or more inches long.
Oh I loved it!
But it had no price tag and the sales people at Marshall's just shook their heads in confusion, no clue how to find the price.  LOL, I even braved the very dense fog today and went back to see if it had been priced and put back on the shelf. But no, either not yet or some other lucky person loved it too...

We always remember the one that got away, don't we?



.........gone to the beach

PS Speaking of debris, this is the view from my back deck!

That is a mound of garbage about a mile away! It is the size of a football field or even bigger!--- and many stories high.
It is...people's homes.

I feel for them. But I don't really want it in my ''backyard''.

the hidden swale, used by migratory birds.
It is a secret  and invisble pond
high in the dunes...
now filled with sand, no water.

apocalypse sky