I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blown Away by the Flea Market

Literally! Blown away, that is.

Quite a gale blowing, 30, 40 mph? The good news is there was Great Stuff! The bad news is the dealers were frantically packing it in early because their wares were blowing away. [I think there was a November hurricane, far out out sea? And this is its tail wind? Beats ol' Irene....]

I can't show you all my treasure because some are ---ssshhh---Christmas present makings. Yay! I felt so inspired and creative, much nicer than a tour through the mall or Target.

What didn't I buy? a red Bakelite needle/thimble case; brush trees, snowmen dolls to redo/ re-dress; postcards, both pictorial and Christmas. A tiny prim chest of drawers; 3 yellow ware bowls; a small black velvet bag with a  dainty rhinestone heart pinned in its side; various small leather or silk coin purses. Wool fabric. An aged farmhouse muffin tin for tea lights; bonsai trees; hand knit hats. A box of small treasures like a book shaped locket and tiny wooden sheep. Vintage Christmas wrapping paper, oooh!

I just couldn't get everything I liked! The dealers were loading their bins and tossing them into their vans like the end of the world was at hand. (Or an NFL football game scheduled?)

They were like, ''Take it, take it!''  [How much?] ''Just take it!'' {Well, okaaaaay...].

I had to beg this guy to sell me these wonderful felt hearts!

Most of my other purchases came from a couple of ladies whose boxes were packed but they let me look through them. Again, ''a dollar! a dollar! Hurry!''

I loved this set of heart shaped, nesting Shaker boxes!

And these berries....

I especially like the white winterberries.

Nearby a young man was selling oddball army surplus stuff...huge camouflage ghillie nets (or duck blind covers?)....but he had a small box of neat old bottles. I grabbed tis large flask, for yes, a dollar!

...for my growing lavender bottle display.....

And then! The trash bins. Yes I will dumpster dive, especially at this market and in this atmosphere of near-panic by the dealers.
Look at these neat canisters. Someone threw them away!

They all had matching, perfect lids!
I washed them and Cloroxed them so they're nice and pristine.

I may keep the far right TEA container  to store my tea...

And this guy was the clincher, the reason to reach on into the shards of broken glass....

Look! A swallow. (set oddly sideways?]
Sadly the jar lip is badly chipped but I can use it for spools of thread or something in my workroom, right?

I love it...
Like a funky tattoo art?

I can't wait for next Sunday! It's the bigger market but often the same dealers. Maybe I'll have time to get some of the other treasures?

Any treasures found in your markets lately? And what about your Christmas list? Any special secret wishes there?




.....gone to the  beach