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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spaghetti Night---Yum!

Hi! This has been a confusing January so far, hasn't it!
Last night when I went to bed the temperature was 54 degrees! The previous night it was 11*. I suppose it's better than snow, but what to wear, how to cook, etc.---confusing, right?

Today dawned beautifully cloudless and seasonably 30s, but the wind was howling again at 30, 40 MPH. And maybe that snow, or sleet will finally arrive Thursday night?  Saturday? This uncertainly leads to constant checks of the Weather Bug, lol.
So I decided to make a big pot of spaghetti sauce. Yummy and comforting and will nicely stock up my food supply Just In Case.

I think it's safe to say I have never served jarred pasta sauce here at the beach. I just really dislike store-bought sauces. I always make my own, either classic marinara, with or without meatballs...or traditional Bolognese sauce---meat sauce. My mom taught me to make these sauces when I was about ten years old and they've been good friends over the years.

Tonight, however, when I was opening the tomato paste it occurred to me that this is not an particularly economical meal now, in modern times. My little grocery  only had small cans of Contadina paste...and they are now $.95 each! I need at least six...

Here's the breakdown:

tomato paste   5.70

homemade Italian sweet sausage, 4 links,  5.53

ground sirloin 7.26 , ground chuck 4.93

lrg Vidalia onion, garlic 1.00

parm   4.50

box of white mushrooms 2.99

I won't count the seasonings...garlic, parley, basil, oregano, pepper, sugar, fennel seeds. Or the olive oil. And the pasta itself was on sale 2/1.00! Mueller's, an old favorite brand from when I lived in Ohio. (wonder if I'll still love them? Or now I'm used to Italian imported pasta?)

And I won't count the essential but leftover red wine, a mediocre red in a charming bottle/ label....

So the big pot of sauce costs $31.91 + to make!  [3 or 4 dinners for 3 people..say 10-12 servings= about $3.25, including pasta,  a serving. Okay that sounds thriftier, doesn't it.)

Hmmmm....it's worth it.

Any economical faves out there you want to share?



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PS I didn't put the recipe but I can if anyone wants it, very simple!)