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Friday, April 27, 2018

Out and About ` Part 2 Shopping

Happy Friday! When the days are dreary and we yearn for spring , my friend L and  like to wander through the stores in search of happy inspiration. Sometimes it's a challenge to be budget-y, to balance wants vs needs, isn't it. First we went to Michael's for some seed beads for etsy sewing projects. [ More strawberry emeries! First batch almost all sold---Thank you.].
Michael's had only one box of seed beads, very marked down and few other beads, also marked down. They seem to be fazing out their jewelry makings department. I resisted stocking up on sale beads though.
Most intriguing were the summer at the beach items! L got darling fairy garden beach gnomes etc for her terrarium. P\And I smitten with Pineapples!

AKA Dustcatchers...

Many storage boxes, where were these when I was hunting for them last fall???

We both wanted the beach bags. I had a hard time deciding, I loved these chic chalky painted bags...

We both were seduced by pompoms and put these into our carts. BUT they are 45.oo each! Crappy quality straw bags, nice lining, darling poms. No online coupons found on our phones, so we put them back for now. [Which would you choose? The white is growing on me.]


Next stop Big Target. OMG, what a mess of construction, I found almost nothing on my list: Triscuits, hot cereal with flax, socks, XL laundry bag to wash Mo's beds, ironing board cover. I'm such a wild spender, color me extrav'].
I found some fun things in their entry way cheapie bins instead---cute small plates for summer deck snacks, trying to not use paper plates.

Pretty cardigan, again a price increase from 16.oo to 22.oo. So I don't look like a slob when Mo and I have evening summer walks.White shorts, navy or rose and white stripe tank top?

See this jar on the top?

 It is a quite large jar of Neutragena gel moisturizer that I bought instead of my usual Clinique "moisture surge". I think it was 15.00 instead of 29.oo online for Clinique's smallest size. BUT when opened the jar from Neutragena has a much tinier inner jar, I'd say less than half the visible outer capacity. Isn't that pretty crummy? False presentation? Works okay though not as nice or as lasting as the Clinique . Clinique Moisture Surge

Cute Neoprene bags for the beach, ostensibly for wet swimsuits, but good for sewing and to protect phones and tablets from the sand and wind. Like, 1.oo? each

And this precious mermaid coloring book, for a child I thought would be visiting last week. I'll save it for her birthday.

These are so great! Markers attached! Big sheet of stickers.

And besides the regular coloring pages

there are pages with voice bubbles for us to add words:

then also full pages of lined layout for, with adult help, a place to make a story or diary, a place to sketch or paste in beach finds like feathers and seaweed.

I though this was so exceptional for $3.oo. Very inspiring, I may have to get one for myself.
Out in Kansas, Mel went to Hobby Lobby's big yarn sale. And she got  yarns to make a beachy but cozy throw/ afghan for me! It will be palest beach colored big stripes and have giant pompoms on the ends. [excited!]

Inspiration throw, ours will be a bit larger and different. here

Seabreeze Afghan
Mel's work is so beautiful and she is so generous with sharing her talents. This is her most recent  project for me, a spring scarf in cotton: Mango and Fuchsia ruffles.

Wear with a white denim jacket and my saved from last fall [I planned ahead finally!] ''new'' bright pink cashmere cardi and new pale pink Allbirds sneakers from my kids for my birthday. Allbirds

Cute. Happy!


From the Hunt for Red Tulips:

Have a good weekend!



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