I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Went to the Beach

Hi! The fog is billowing in again today, it is an oddly familiar scene, warmer air hits the cold ocean and we get fog.

The good news is the winds have subsided [you rarely get both gale winds and dense fog] and so on the day after Memorial Day I decided, Okay it is summer! I am gong to the beach. I think I have become a trifle agoraphobic over the three months of quarantine---I feel strange going to my beach or going out in my car; I have to pep talk myself into doing more, if only essentials. Instead with the virus, the big trucks, the cold cold days and high winds, I had been putting all my focus into walking Mo. Today Mo quite rebelled, as if, Mommy I am a chubby adult PUG; two miles is too much for me! And he sat and sat and wouldn't budge even for the offer of a wonderfully smelly Pupperoni treat. I had to coax him home by the nape of his harness, it wasn't pretty.

So the beach is looking good to me. [photos are't blurry, that is how the fog looks.]

If a smidge neglected.

No lifeguards yet, resident-only [and guests] access, checked by a uniformed guard instead of the bikini clad teenager whose summer job it usually would be.

The beach is, as always, essentially empty.

The roses are in fragrant bloom.

I loved this ephemeral installation of shells and treasures.

Next time I will bring a painted clam shell to add.

Back home Mo is still pouting,

though we made up and he went for a brief after dinner walk. He'll have a check up in a few weeks; I will ask the vet to be sure Mo is feeling okay---remember he fell down the stairs a few months ago, may not want to walk because he is in pain?

More iris, the brown and yellow iris suddenly bloomed this week.  The lilies of the valley are blooming too, so sweet and old fashioned.

And for the quilters or others who are interested, here is a link to a dealer in antique quilts. This past week he showed a selection of iris quilts, just wonderful, all so different yet so essentially IRIS.
FB HERE  or if that FB link doesn't work, here is the seller's eBay store, with gorgeous quilts, tho I guess the iris quilts have sold. HERE

And though I am assiduously keeping my focus on finishing Baby Pineapples, here is a sneak peek. So cute!

And poor Baby Ps, when we decided to make this a big girl quilt, not a crib quilt, I ordered more of its solid grey for the long wide outer borders. But no!---doesn't match/ dye lot? I ordered again from a different source; but all fabrics online seem to have a 3-4 week wait for shipping and 10 more weekdays in transit, so despite my efforts, Baby Ps will be set aside after I sew the last turquoise border. It is hard to wait---we are a bit spoiled about online ordering nowadays.

Here  are my blue batiks, for my Blue Pineapples throw.

Have  good weekend, welcome June!

kindness installation at the beach

[kindness seems in short supply online lately. It is very hurtful to be told we are stupid and gullible for isolating or wearing masks, that ''people die all the time, what's the big deal? And it's, you know, only old people or unhealthy people who die anyway." That is not just unkind, it's cruel.]



gone to the beach...finally!.......

different beach, another time

from Nicky in S Africa