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Friday, September 23, 2016

Porch Quilt / P2 Update August and September

Hi! Show and tell time for P2. This was a BIG assignment this time. Three big lollipop flowers in star studded crocks,

plus other fillers---Moon, Star, Basket.

Love the Basket, love this fabric.

There were also two large squares that just called for an unpieced large floral. Instead I made a couple of fill in blocks

Sixteen patch, random fabrics.

And a Kite.

The kite's tail will be appliqued to the block[s] below it. Then after the quilt is quilted, I'll add three dimensional kite tail bows. Unless the block does not work with the rest of the blocks, in which case I I'll instead do some sort of pieced block.

I love kites and wanted to include one as a summer memory. My dad and I used to make our own kites. Some were tiny, smaller than the palm of your hand and we used sewing thread on spools for the strings. One year we made huge box kites! We used leftover Christmas wrapping paper for the paper sides. And though my own kids have outgrown kite flying, I enjoy seeing the many kites here on my beach. Some are go-cart kites that pull wooden vehicles. [scary!] and some are surf kites that haul the surfers high in the air.

I hope my Kite block works.

You may recall last P2 posting I asked about storing blocks for quilts in progress. Most of us just do the Baggies thing. But I did find these great boxes on sale at Michael's craft store. They are 14.5'' x 3.5'', perfect! Neat and clean too. Inedible for bored doggies [Mo adores Baggies zippers!], fairly waterproof too.

PS Blogger says this is my 800th post! Should I celebrate? Have a giveaway? Or...?



gone to the beach....

Tomorrow when Lori posts her version and her Linky is set up I'll add a link for Humble Quilts, so you can see everyone's P2s.