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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Food and Festivity

Hi! Now that we have digested our big dinners,

Doug the Pug
I'll check in to say Hi and describe the holiday menu. I  mentioned I didn't host the Thanksgiving meal, my friends who are the wonderful chefs did the party instead.

Their decor is always magazine-perfect.

I love the serenity of their soft greys, with the focus on the food and guests. [I know I get carried away with my tchotchkas sometimes, oops].

The food! So delicious.

I made the stuffing: cornbread with dried apricots, dried cranberries, chestnuts, sausage and bacon. Lots of fresh sage, fennel seeds. And creamed onions with lemon pepper and nutmeg.


Starters :  charcuterie platter and wines/ beer.
goat cheese with cranberries, horseradish white cheddar, hummus, prosciutto, spinach yogurt dip, savory lemon cheese cake. 
Interesting tiny crackers from TJ's.
Main course

Turkey with my Gravy

Cornbread stuffing

purple mashed sweet potatoes

roasted Delicata squash with cinnamon

Roasted brussels sprouts with diced pancetta
creamed onions

Stuffed mushrooms

red or rose wines/ artisan beer


Vegan pumpkin pie with coconut milk ice cream

Dense chocolate raspberry torte

Mixed berry tart with whipped cream

coffee tea

All so good!

Mo was well-behaved! He sat quietly, alertly watching from his big bed.

Then approaching during turkey time. Just. In. Case.... a tidbit might fall.

After dinner we played cards and sipped wine and laughed, enjoying the relaxed day. NO one glued to the football games, hooray.

The day was nice but extremely cold. 19*. Mo had insisted on sitting out anyway, he loves the sun.

Our pre-dinner walk through the beach lane was brisk; sadly the extreme cold and wind has killed off all the late blooming flowers; once again the view is quiet and dull. Too soon, much too soon.

I hope your Holiday was fun too!

On a Blogger note: I have fixed the comment notification [yet again] and can now respond to comments in a polite and timely way. Sorry for anyone who was overlooked, it got a a bit messy for a couple weeks.

PS When I stopped by my friends' house on Friday, not a trace of autumn or Thanksgiving remained. All was glittery white beach Christmas, just so beautiful and magical. Hahaha, it will take me weeks to accomplish the switch.



gone to the beach....