I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Flea Market

What a gorgeous perfect day!
Sunday was just what a person pictures in a fantasy of flea market fun---sunny, crisp, brisk breeze. Abig cheerful crowd.
And well, yes, somewhat surly dealers packing up early despite the happy throngs offering money and smiles.

You'll look at my treasures and think, Same old, same old...I guess I like what I like.
A fun rusty tin primitive scoop for my autumn bowl of woodland-y pods and berries.

I'd prefer  rosehips, but I haven't had time to order from my Cape Cod vendor of lavender and other dried botanicals...

The inspiration gathering had a grungy flicker candle too and maybe something else. I can never quite achieve what my favorite eBay seller, Michelle at Oldefarmhousesimples does in her Maine home...here

Then, I got some crystals...

One of these rainy days I'll sit down with my silver wire and my rusty hooks and make a big batch of Christmas icicles for my etsy shop...

These were unusual...love the round drops, they're for my old bottles on my window sill. They'll cast tiny rainbows for me all winter. (They can't cause a fire, can they? You know, like "earth science 101 in Middle school", start a fire with a magnifier thing? Are they safe? Anyone know?)...And the unusal smooth oval lozenges will have collages of old photographs perhaps.

And this star! Beautiful...all are heavy old lead crystal from dismantled chandeliers.

I must take a second to point out the linen backdrop in my photos. This is a homespun towel gifted to me by one of my etsy customers! So generous. She thought for my lavender hearts...but maybe it's too nice to chop up? It shold be a throw pillow? Look at the careful, wonderful old buttons/ buttonholes.

And what's a flea market day without a box of buttons!?

I love the old green box, looked like a bandbox type of paper, though it certainly has a prominent mid-2oth century Made in China label. I'm seeing it filled with greens at Christmas or as a stand for a Santa figure...

The buttons have great potential, though I didn't sort or wash them yet...

Lovely old carved mother of pearls (which I keep for  myself!)...And an interesting finely crocheted covered button, a fancy floral too...

Neat art deco..

fun "Peggy" pastels, maybe 1940s?

And the real reason I bought the box: it had all these lovely little spools of 100% cotton thread.

Has anyone noticed how truly ghastly the sewing thread we buy is nowadays? So thin and icky and polyester, yuck. So I was hoping. I think though they are too deteriortaed, the old cotton has "crashed"/ rotted.

Last, I bought an exceptional linen tablecloth....I'll post it separately.  I'm still researching it.

so...more soon!



             gone to the beach..............