I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blue Skies White Lilacs

Hello! Come share our walk?
Today Mo and I found white lilacs in bloom. Oh my---swoon. It's an old tree, two stories high!

White dogwood too.

And someone has put gorgeous Van Gogh-esque iris here on this corner to help disguise the ugly pole.

And golden brown iris, which seems to flourish in our sandy soil.

Pink snow!

Pollen culprits.

Neighborhood gardens...

Fence peeping. We checked on the Blue Fish installation. Looking good.

And I love this woman's tiny garden. I snuck a few pictures. She has many wonderful garden ornaments. My fave is her Mr Sunshine.

Look at his amazing patina, which adds so much depth and form and expression to his face. It must have been here for many years.Next to Mr Sun is another sun face, but the face is a convex mirror, also very cool. [to right]

And this is the corner below. She has accented her dwarf Japanese maple with garden stakes that are glass orbs and rusty sparrows. The colors pick up the russet red of the leaves so beautifully. Each patch of her yard holds tiny gems and vignettes.

We peeked over the fence at the beach cabanas. The much coveted aqua and pink BEACH arrow signs [hilarious. Who needs a sign?] have been replaced with less cool orange-y tan sign. My friend and I have been hoping for years to find a fallen and therefore salvageable aqua arrow. Someone less wimpy got there first, I guess.

Mo and I ended our day with a late afternoon trip to the dog park.

I've figured out now that Mo is kind of indifferent to the park. [He hid under the bench by my feet]. What he loves is riding in the car!  He sits securely in his car seat looking like the Queen on parade.Window down, ears fluttering. Driving Mr Mo!



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