I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, April 1, 2019

End of March / April Already

Sunday, last day of March. The day could hardly look more wintery unless it snowed. Rain is dripping from the bare branches of the ugly locust tree, the beach world is grey. 45*

Mo is still at his sleepover. His babysitters said he is hiding from the rain. He looks cold, doesn't he, with his paws tucked in. Though I know my friends' home is always toasty warm.

Now April...I tried to find the origins of April Fools Day, but it seems a tradition lost in time. Perhaps was an early saints' day---wonder who the patron saint of idiots is? I just got off the phone with a medical office, they could use a patron saint. Why do they push drugs and tests so?

It's far too windy for a walk so we'll enjoy some spring beach photos for years ago. The beach changes daily yet in its way is always the same. Enjoy.

gull? helicopter? osprey?

piping plovers

Oystercatcher on her nest

piping plovers


sanderlings, also below

Rumor has it we may make an Amish inspired quilt for our Fall sewalong on Humble Quilts. I love the idea! I pulled out photos of two of my Amish/ Mennonite quilts, just to study how the colors are used. Amish quilts always seem to glow despite their geometric simplicity.

Ohio Amish c.1920-1940

PA Mennonite, Perkiomenville area c.1878
[book documentation]

Mo is now home. He supervises.

This morning I'm  making yet another doll quilt for the HQ swap, while I wait for batting to arrive.

I think I better try again, Amazon Prime, for faster shipping. There is after all a deadline!

I also looked at my new pillow covers, in daffodil yellow, all ready to add a touch of spring. But---too gaudy?

This bird print in Vibeke's studio here, is so much more subtle.

VIBEKE DESIGN: Winter out ... spring inside!



gone to the beach....