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Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Cheer

Hello! Earlier this week my friend Elle [L] and I made our  lists of holiday and household must-do's and headed out to get a lot done before the cold weather arrived [today! brrr]. L is very efficient; if I go out with her, we get things DONE. And yet...in the midst of  buying trash bags and picking up dry cleaning, returning to Trader Joe's in search of the elusive onion chutney and bacon wrapped dates---we made time to stop at our favorite home and garden nursery for some Christmas joy.

Truly we weren't even shopping---I got a few more bulbs for January, L got some air plants for her always dying fairy garden. We watched with a twinge of envy though as a woman bought dozens of poinsettias and little trees and many festive pine/ candle/ berry arrangements. She said she was having a big open house party this week. Wow.
She must have had a generous budget! And  I could spend hundreds of dollars here, because the ornament selection is amazing.

The store is in a waterfront town, so they specialize in coastal Christmas.

Even coastal mantel decor.

We  liked the little starfish trees here, and seaglass bottles, white pillar candles.

Many other inspirations, too: good easy ideas for deck and porch pots.

I made a version of this one for my front doorstep, but with Trader Joe greens and a burlap bow. I'd like to add some holly too. I can't have any live greens or berries in my house because they can be poisonous if Mo eats them. As indeed he will.

This is the shop from the outside. Nestled among the greenhouses and floral workshops is the original mid-1800s farmhouse. I love that quirky window left of the front door.

Beautiful big slim trees, real. This room smelled so wonderful.

More trees and fireplaces.

Gorgeous poinsettias.

I love the pink shades.

I thought the birch logs with tiny pine trees and bows were interesting and "woodland" or Nordic.

More ornaments..

 They feature these city buildings / landmarks ornaments, but sadly all the NY ones were gone.

Tiny fairy snowmen....

A blue bucket full of fluffy snowmen.

The amaryllis were too expensive at 19.99 per bulb, but I got 5 paperwhite narcissus in a new unscented variety, for January flowers.

Someday L and I hope to go to the city, for the outdoor Christmas Markets. HERE But for now we're happy that we still share this outing every year, begun when we'd go to Fortunoff's to see the tiny trains and villages and all their gorgeous trees. Long gone now, but our tradition lives on.



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