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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Freestyling "The Porch"

Hi! It's been a busy week! I decided that my blog friend here Kit has the right idea, she says she enjoys and savors every hot August day. Yes!

So I've been cooking and pickling in the evenings [more foodie stuff soon!] and just getting right on out to the beach every afternoon. Otherwise chores, errands and to-do lists will eat up the entire summer.
You ever feel that way?
 One great thing about the beach is that once you pack all your projects, and books, and cooler, hat, sunglasses, and beach chair..and trudge across the white Sahara of summer sand, you're away from it ALL. You can't jump up to turn on the oven, or put the clothes in the dryer, or take someone somewhere you don't really want to go.

I've really been having fun with The Porch quilt. Here it is all set up and ready to head to the beach.

All my threads picked out...

I've been working ahead on this panel. I knew I did not want the very large watering can that the original has.

I wanted to redesign this section now while I have it in my head.  And while I have the time to work on it. A tiny idea sketch...and photos for placement of more flowers....

I wanted Kitty in the hollyhocks.

And we must have a flag, all my large quilts have a flag!

We've had fun all summer watching a black feral kitty like this raise her four babies,. There's even a dad-cat! Known as Stripey. The babies are three black and one striped like daddy. So this will always remind me of this special summer, 2012.

The cats' nursery was in a fenced area where wild or ''volunteer'' hollyhocks grow.
My idea for the panel was to use the pattern flower shapes but add stems and grass. I was inspired by this small quilt I made many years ago.  We weren't as cognisant of crediting designers and I have no idea whose design it was. I added trapunto ladybugs, bumble bees and flower centers.

I loved it so much I then made a table runner, machine appliqued...You can see how I was moving away from my bright Fiesta colors, and bringing in blues and more subtle shades. I never used this runner, sadly, and had forgotten it til I hunted for the little holly hock quilt.

For awhile I made a number of small quilts, until some kind person pointed out how ''twee''and tacky and useless they were! Oh my. The person said I could have sewn and hand quilted an entire large quilt instead, why did I waste my time? I had no answer and actually quit quilting for awhile, only repairing and repurposing antique quilts for my online shops.

I credit Lori of Humble Quilts with renewing my love of minis and doll quilts, and now I enthusiastically await her annual quilt-along. Who knows, maybe years from now someone will actually like my tiny quilts...

But back to The Porch! Fun, fun! Prim applique is great. Relaxing, no perfection or symmetry required. Or even desired.

Here's the partially sewn panel....

I plan to only pin-baste the leaves for now. And I see I forgot the bird on the kitty's tail!

Something to sew tomorrow....

How about you guys? Do you let naysayers and critics ruin your pleasure in your crafts? I hope not! It's all about the process, the "doing" , I now believe....

original post and links here
Porch quilt designed by Lynda Hall www.primitivepiecesbylynda.com
quiltalong with Lori at HumbleQuilts  www.humblequilts.blogspot.com



gone to the beach....

photo art from One Kings Lane,
this pic only