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Friday, July 28, 2017

Something for the Weekend

It's Friday! But oh no! Summer is half over, the days are flying by [and getting shorter]. This is the last weekend of July '17. Let's make it a good one? I am expecting fussy guests and have been cleaning like crazy for three days, ugh. Even things that do NOT matter, like my underwear basket and fridge door spice rack. If my guests check out those areas---well, I'd be speechless , I guess.
Did you get any Fall catalogs yet? I got a couple ''transitional" ones, like from LL Bean. You know, shorts plus sweaters?
Online this mini skirt is everywhere from Ann Taylor to Talbot to Gap and Old Navy. Big floral or camo. Fine if you're 14!

Time flies! Exceptionally chic cool watches, even though who wears a watch anymore? here

Slide View: 1: Peach Striped Watch

Kel asked me about this wine . In a photo the other day the beautiful bottle could be seen filled with sand on my friend's doorstep. It's a local NY/ Long Island wine called Summer in a Bottlehere

wolfed summer in a bottle rose

White or rose`, exceptional!

Avery fun link from Mel, if you have a few minutes to be amazed, inspired and charmed by this crazy artist: here

And in beach books: Nancy Thayer's summer offering: Secrets in Summer
I enjoyed it very much, despite Thayer's ongoing theme of cheating spouses and tacky sex. The heroine was an intelligent regular person this year, not one of Thayer's tedious rich bitches. And Nantucket itself was lightly but charmingly described, including some fun local things like having to jump on a plane to go mall shopping on the mainland, or being on stand-by for the ferry ride back to Cape Cod. The love interest was a bit blah, the guy was seriously boring and moody, who needs that? Get a dog instead, lol.

Michael Connolly's first in a new series [since poor Harry Bosch is getting past retirement into old age doldrums] The Late Show starts slow, no interest or connection to the young woman detective who is the new star of his book. As things go on, the book improves, though her lifestyle is seriously unlikely. I admit I lost the plot thread towards the end, not that it mattered. I always like Connolly's writing and will look for the next in this series.
Both good summer reads, despite my quibbling!
Have a great weekend! [pls let me know if links or photos don'y show up, this post is a bit dofferent, just experimenting here. thx]



gone to the beach....

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Farmers Market

Hi! I went to the farmers market today! How fun! The past few days have been rainy and very cool here, low 60s,

...but today the clouds blew off to sea and the day was what New Yorkers call a Ten Best Day. Truly delightful. Still cool, breezy, dry, not a cloud in the sky.  

I haven't been to the market since summer before last, but today I decided to give it a try, despite always disappointing parking issue.

I was so happy I went. The market is smaller than it was, but bustling and cheery.

As always the abundance and the colors of the produce delight my eyes and  appetite, inspire creativity.

I love the bandanna lined baskets.

No fruit though! I was hoping for fresh raspberries. [Inspiration recipe here. ] But I have arugula and romaine in my fridge and a bought an enormous bouquet of very spicy red and white long radishes. So I'll make do with store bought vinaigrette , I think Kraft?

I also wanted Kirby cucumbers for my dill pickle project, but again, no. There was a box of the cukes but they were huge, like overgrown zucchini. This makes pickles that are all seeds, not good. I still haven't found a good pickling vinegar anyway so I guess I can wait.

The other item on my list was field grown zinnias.

My own zinnias [and other seed flowers] are doing well and blooming,

but I hate to cut them and I was so hopeful that the guy who always has the zinnia posies would be there today. And he was!

Aren't they the cutest flower?

My favorite Italian seller from my old Brooklyn neighborhood was still there. Many fancy ravioli choices.

I wonder what one does with berry filled ravs?

Next week I think I'll try the blueberry ones, which I'll toss with fresh ricotta. Also some  special cheeses, like this scamorza, an aged mozzarella with a rind, very unique to Italian markets, mild but salty, so delish~Info here

The market has a new ''wellness'' feature, with ongoing yoga under the trees. Here are some people practicing/ meditating (and young woman enjoying an impromptu  picnic with her daughter).

And here is the yoga studio's booth.

 I love looking at clothes and textiles, especially Indian prints, some voile, some silk. They also sell tiny [store bought] muslin bags stamped "Breathe" or "Namaste" and so on, filled with lavender; plus small bunches of dried lavender. Enjoyable, but I'm a bit confused/ miffed because when L and I wanted to sell my lavender hearts at the market we were told [unofficially but by someone in authority] that the green market could only sell produce and things grown locally, no ''crafts''--and certainly not kimonos from India!??


Back home Mo and I enjoyed the chilly afternoon on our deck. I think this makes Mo happier than anything else in life, even better than sleeping in mom's bed--a quiet afternoon in the sun on the deck, just us two, peaceful and relaxed. It must make Mo feel safe and loved.

I finished all but one posy of the outer rosette borders of Summertime. Four inner rounds to go, 24 more rosettes, then to disperse the extras. In birds' beaks, maybe?
I think the rosettes are zinnias, what do you think?



gone to the beach...

Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer Hearts

summer color story ~ blues and sands

''Sweet smell of summer, the jasmine's in bloom. July is dressed and playing her tune...summer breeze makes me feel fine...''

Hi everyone! Here are my new scented hearts for summer, in my etsy shop this coming week. These  hearts are filled with my special Summer mix of Cape Cod lavender, plus home grown lavender from here at the beach, bergamot, and lemon verbena [dried botanicals enhanced with essential oils, all organic]---with tiny hints of mint and citronella. (The citronella leaves, grown by my friend and dried by me have only a tiny herbal scent, not strong like the candles you buy for the patio. Along with the mint it is of course a natural pest repellent.)

Summer Blues

Seashells and Seaglass

Blueberries, Raspberries, Nautical Stripes ~ Summer at the Shore

Gathering Basket, vintage silk, hand embroidered...

Hot orange sherbet roses this week.

It's not soooo hot, not 90* yet. Mo is a drama queen!

Have a cool and delightful week!



gone to the beach...

photos taken Sunday July 23, 2017. Yay!