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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cooky Day / Folk Art Antique Tin Cooky Cutters

Hi everyone. Today is Christmas cooky day here at the beach. I thought I'd share my collection of antique Pennsylvania handmade cookie cutters. Actually this is not exactly a collection, I bought a big old tin with all these unusual cutters inside. I believe the designs are rare and unique, so many wonderful shapes I've never seen anywhere else. (There's a camel too; the dealer had him for me the following week!)
I like to display them in my biggest wooden bread dough bowl.

Here are the backs. You can see how crude and homemade they are. And dating from a time when I suppose a farmwife would make cookies often? Perhaps late 1800s.

Household items

scissors, my favorite

scissors back

baby! Or what?
Ideas gratefully considered,
this one's a msytery to me.



fox number One

fox number two

wonderful kitty

Rabbit number one / jackrabbit
Rabbit number two / Bunny
Birds and Easter egg

easter egg / damaged

storebought hen

Eagle or Christmas turkey

Star with tulips

open star


holly leaf?


There were hearts too but  keep them with my rather large heart cooky cutter collection.I don't make cutout fancy cookies anymore. So each year I look at this collection and think, Should I sell them? I know they're collectible. But someday---far in the future, when I have a new little grand-helper?---I hope to make a gingerbread Noah's Ark.

This year I made simple shortbread cookies. No one here eats sweets [I threw out 3/4 of the Thanksgiving cheesecake, so sad.] but I feel a holiday dinner needs---something?
I used my grandmother's springerle pin.

It's hand carved, I think pearwood?  And it needs a handle repair.


Nothing special but they'll be something to offer on Christmas Day with a cup of tea?

 Mo thinks they'll be delish!

gone to the beach..........

cold but sparkling