I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, May 1, 2020

Art Deco Baskets Quilt ~ and ~ May Baskets

Hi everyone! And so it is May in the time of the Virus! The most awful April is ver, and now begins the ''merry month of May." Hahahaha. I am sorry to report that May at the beach is as miserable as April or June, and tonight, as April shares her final tantrum, we are having yet another storm, high winds and rain.

This is a bit nerdy of me but a favorite thing for me always has been to watch the giant ships' lights come on at sunset. Of course the times vary---in the winter, I may have a cup of tea at 4, watching for the lights; this time of year the lights appear on the darkening horizon at dinner time, so I can eat my dinner and try to imagine the lives of the people who populate the ships.
See the ships along the horizon?

Tonight was so cold and dark, it was a hot chocolate night---but the rain was too intense to see the ships that are about 8 to 10 miles away. The standard visibility is always listed as ten miles, no further, the shipping lanes are about ten miles offshore. We never see further, at sea level the curve of the earth prevents a longer sight line. Usually there are about nine ships, sometimes as many as 12, on rare holiday build ups as many as 15 or more, waiting to dock in NY Harbor.  The virus hasn't slowed down the traffic out there. But the ships travel unseen tonight in the storm.
Meanwhile, back in the warm[ish] cottage, I got out my newest quilt acquisition to share with you. I bought this cutie on FB Marketplace in December. It was, I think 30.oo plus ten dollars shipping.

It came home , got a good wash and inspection. There are a couple blocks I hope to replace  at some point. Here is my dilemma.

The Baskets are darling, c.1930. The sewing is good, the hand quilting is plain but fine.

Except for a stain and the shredded black fabric of the one block, condition is good.

The art deco design of the Baskets is so fun and different.

BUT there is something wonky about how the quilter put the blocks together. The fabric placement goes from---odd but okay....

I think this one is actually correct:

Correct but odd?

And then there are a few blocks that are just totally strange.

Hilariously wrong.
 Now and then one is upside down.

I love that, I love the quilter's unconcern for perfection. She made 'em that way and to her they are just fine.

I also love the adorable dot sashing.

I like the floral  and gingham blocks

but I am in love with the more graphic solid blocks, that, again, just shout out their skewed triangles with nonchalant glee.

And the sky blue solid backing.

The narrow binding is expertly done entirely by machine, we all know how hard that is.

Here is what I think maybe the block should have been.

But then there is too much white on the top half. It would have worked well in solid pastel with housedress-and-apron florals for the Baskets.

I am tempted to replace the stained block with MY version of how the block should be. But in the end, I won't do that; I think the Art Deco Baskets are perfect just the way they are, don't you? In fact, their imperfection adds to the quilt's appeal and charm. Perfect is overrated, as always.

I will try to get better pictures on Saturday, supposed to be sunny>?? If you wish to check back.


May baskets...did you ever make a May Basket in school?

Spring Craft: Colorful May Day Baskets from Mom It Forward

Oh how I loved the rare art projects our class did now and then. By third grade I'm pretty sure all art time was eliminated, my school was heavily into scholastics and sports, no art. One year we made May Baskets from halved paper plates, stapled into cornucopias, pipe cleaner handles, crepe paper bows and colored paper decorations, like a heart for MoM. Our teacher showed us how to wad up tissue paper into tiny ruffled circles that we glued all over our plates, creating rosette pompom polka dots. Mine were baby blue!I think my dad helped me find a few real flowers to put into my May Basket, a late daff, a tulip, some andromeda, some heather. Oh I was so proud to give that to my mom, on, I suppose Mother's Day. I don't recall her being thrilled.



gone to the beach....

This seems oddly encouraging: recycling will begin again next week.

And just in case you're home and have nothing to do..[aka, here's a good laugh!]