I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, August 3, 2012

Thrift Shop Treasures


Hi! Another weekend is here...the summer is flying by too fast.
I stopped by the thrift shop this afternoon. Great airconditioning, wow! We know how that charity spends its cash. But I am not gonna complain.
I've been flea marketing since I was a tiny girl. But thrift shops are new to me, since they are few and far between here. I am just getting the hang of it, haven't figured out discount days or best junk days...but the hunt is fun. [and cool.]

All the goodies shown here were found one day early last week:

A very large folky wire heart basket! Maybe a bushel? BIG!  Wow! I just love it. Looks so old and handmade though probably is not, most likely made in India or somewhere....

For now I plan to fill it with shells and driftwood, out on my deck. Or to display my collection of glass fishing floats. The basket is so big it kinda dwarfs my collection I think?
Look at the curly lacy edge and spiral feet.  Small wire hearts on handle bases...

Next winter I will fill it with Christmas pine and holly and greenery and set it by my front door.

This is a very large shirt or blouse, NY Laundry. It was in the men's section but I am unsure. It is a very soft washed slubby linen, with lovely blue roses. I just couldn't resist!

It can be hearts [maybe just the sleeves?] and/ or it looks great with these fabrics I just bought. They are to finish some blocks gifted to me by a dear friend. I want to use them in an unusual way...[more on this in a month or two!]

Then the first and only time I've ever found yarn at my shop. Wonderful wooden needles, never opened, never used. I rarely use large [13, 15!] needles so I was happy to find these, and the pretty neutral yarns too. 99 cents an item, 99 cents for all the knitting needles

The dark skein is deep blue and emerald-green metallic, iridescent somehow. But subtle. I couldn't resist adding a few rows of it to my current ''busy hands/ busywork'' scarf. (You know: mindless knitting that you do when you have  guests or meetings or a long car ride?)

You can  see the color better here:

And these, still with their Home Goods label, also never used. Mercury glass containers with vanilla candles. These are not votives, they're big, like an ice bucket size.

Dust off the candles a bit next Christmas and they'll be so beautiful, I think.

Today when I stopped in, there were a number of obvious ''pickers'', stocking up for their shops or booths. Now I know where the flea market folks get their junk. I made a huge mistake though...there were three! brilliant turquoise cotton rag rugs, 4' x 6'. I was too tired to stand in line to buy them, didn't want to shell out 14.99 each. Now I am looking at my rag rugs here in my bedroom/ office. Their turquoise is faded to palest blue. I'm such a dummy.....oh well...
That's it for now!



........gone to the beach