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Monday, April 20, 2020

Baby Pineapples Quilt

Hi friends, another Monday, as April slowly rushes by.

Well this is discouraging - all the photos in my recent blog posts have gone lost on Blogger. I don't know if I should reload them or just let it go. Usually they return but these seem truly lost. I love to do photos for my blog, but they're a lot of work, so that is many hours lost. How annoying.

This weekend was typically springlike---cold and windy, so I got quite a lot done on the Baby Pineapples project. Here are some of the inspiration quilts, though I made my fruits smaller and drew my own pattern.

I made my planned eight blocks:

They go together quickly and are, I think, cute.

This is the layout I had planned.

Lots of grey spacing and wide grey borders with a turquoise frame border, to make a medium sized crib quilt. Small enough to use as a play mat or even hang on a wall, since the child's room is quite large, until she is old enough to use it for naps.

Her crib will become a daybed around age two? but then it also becomes a twin headboard. As I showed the mom the design, she indicated that she wanted a larger quilt that might work on the future twin bed even. This is difficult and confusing, as crib mattresses are very narrow and oddly long at 25" x 51" --a twin quilt would be far too much fabric and unsafe.

We compromised by deciding on this layout,

which will need 18, not 8! blocks, and will be a random size somewhere between crib and twin. Much tighter spacing, narrow or no borders? Use the turq for binding?

Because of course by the time the child can talk clearly she will instead want whatever TV cartoon thing is popular. [Dora the Explorer, My Little Pony, Power Puff Girls? I am out of touch... but I'm sure there will be something she wants instead of Pineapples. (I remember making my son, aged about three, the cutest western, Ralph Lauren-ish, bedding, and he hated it! He just wanted some superhero junk sheets from Walmart!]

The quilt will be more throw size or lap quilt size, so it can be used in the home or as a beach blanket when the little one's taste outgrows it.

Later I'll choose ten more Pineapples and cut all those greens.

The good news is I think it is very pretty in a subtle way. We all love the turquoise ''stop border'' or frame border. The baby's room is palest aquamarine seaglass color, too pale for a stop border, so this picks it up in a slightly punchier way. [sigh] Just a six week lag in fabric orders, as warehouses follow distancing requirements now.


Out and about: My neighbor finally took down her Christmas wreath and put up her silk sunflower wreath.  She only has two, so we see them for quite a spell each season. I felt a bit hopeful seeing her summery vibe.

Another neighbor put up a lovely herb wreath but they have left their Christmas candles [electric] burning in their windows all winter and spring. So pretty and so comforting when I walk Mo at bedtime in the cold dark night.

And Mo and I saw a robin! The quiet days must have made it come for a visit, if not to nest. I haven't seen a robin here in years---we have few songbirds; conditions are too harsh.

Welcome to new readers/ commenters! I hope you all have good week. Is the stay at home thing becoming more normal feeling or you're getting the house arrest blues? I hope you all are well.



gone to the beach...

photos from my friend LK's portfolio, as I'm staying home except for Mo's non-beach walks. The wind has been so strong.

sequin waves, in summer/ happy sigh


PS I hope to do an Out and About post of readers' sights and enjoyments as you all walk during your brief outings. I have great pics [w their permission yet to be requested] from Kel and Penny and new friend Lynda, so if you have some beautiful spring pics to share, pls send to me at lizzzz.d@gmail.com.