I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, May 31, 2013

Random Walks

Hi! From the comments it seems we ALL love foggy beach days!
Including me, but the recent threats of thunderstorms along with the foggy days have kept me from walking far down the beach. One of the most dangerous spots in a thunderstorm is supposed to be the beach, although I have to say I never actually heard of anyone being hit by lightning on the beach here? You can see there is nowhere to shelter or hide...

So one blustery grey day I went back to the bird sanctuary to check on the turtles and ospreys....

No turtle eggs, or baby turtles at the park. On my beach I did see these distincitve zipper-like tracks, which implies there's turtles here somewhere, if hidden...
click to enlarge


Word is they have gone upscale and live in massive numbers in the sand traps of the golf course! The golfers call them snapping turtles...I am not sure what they are, but I'd hate to get ''snapped''....

The ospreys are busy!

They search these hidden pools of water for small fish to feed their ravenous babies.

So anyway that day was windy but clear...and all of a sudden, as I was hiking the trails, the fog rolled in. Fast!

And I got lost. Hard to imagine. This is a small park, in the sense that it is just maybe a quarter mile of roadfront. But it extends way out into the marsh. And I was, well, scared?...Suddenly could see nothing familiar. I had taken the wet trail way north into the bog.

Everything looks so different in the park since all the trees are down from the hurricane. It is still very brown, too, salt and wind damage.....

There I was, lost, a mile from home!

Of course not really and despite all the conflicting signs, arrows pointing every which way, all saying [so useful] Trail...why not, um, Parking Lot?---- I found my back to the car.


The worst part was that the fog had prefaced the arrival of a spring thunderstorm.


Weather Bug had let me down, no warnings online...and my kids were watching the TV reports with dire red warning banners and worrying! But all was well...

Next time I'll leave a trail of....?



.............. gone the beach


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Welcome Summer!

first beach rose

Hi! Hear that sound? That's Mother Nature and the Weather Bug laughing hysterically....

One of my favorite artist/ writers Susan Branch just did a very charming Summertime post on her blog... All about Island Time/ Beach Time, and how Memorial Day weekend is the first weekend of summer to those of us at the beach.here

For the past couple weeks I've been busily preparing for summer...

I dug out the beach totes. And the hastily stored beach towels. Used them last to mop up H. Sandy flood....

I bought a new beach chair! New flip flops, new sneakers...a few new tank tops and linen capris...J Jill "All You Need for Summer"

Been redoing the house in its summertime blues...

Remember the thrift shop flag sham?


Set up the deck, put out the tikis and Ladybug. [The pots have daylilies until later in June when I plant annuals]....

Here's my seeds started. Herbs, morning glories, sunflowers....

Oh and I put out my flag! My dad made this for me, years ago...

I bought hotdogs and beer! And the beach is ready....

See the lifeguard stands?

But what's wrong with this picture and why is Nature laughing at me?

 Note the black clouds and steely grey waves. It is 46 degrees and a 40 mph gale is blowing.

Rain is spitting nastily, with intermittent drenching downpours. I've seen balmier New Years Days! It is freakin' freezing cold! Dug out the sweaters and wellies. Went for a walk.
Just me and my shorebirds.
Glad for one more day, or even two! of solitude...



................gone to the beach



Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fog Beach

Wednesday is now Farmers Market Day...but my pockets were empty and my head was as foggy as the sodden sullen sand.

That didn't stop me from thinking, "Oh I'll just stop in and LOOK!" at the market.

Who knows, maybe I'll win the Lotto [oh it's all gone? too bad.] and be able to buy lots of these gorgeous spring/ summer flowers?

A girl can dream..and plan.

Because, really. I can't plant summer flowers til perhaps mid-June when the weather clears and the earth and ocean are warming.

The market wasn't very busy! Grey skies and high prices are worrisome to many. This is my favorite booth: fresh herbs, potted or snipped into bunches; lilacs! [sigh]; asparagus as thick as your thumb....

So no lovely produce to share this week. Instead a delicious and possibly healthy chicken salad recipe that is perfect for the fridge and busy schedules.

This is really also a great winter recipe, because it uses staples and year round produce like apples and avocado.

Best served with warm multiseed/grain croissants [BJs or Costco?] on a bed of baby butter lettuce. Could be deconstructed for a box lunch if you figure out how to keep the apples pretty, not brown....


                                     Chicken Salad Recipe
serves  3 or 4

2 whole boneless chicken breasts, poached/ shredded/ diced
1 pink-cheeked Yellow apple [Gala, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady etc] -- diced. Not peeled.

1/4C. chopped walnuts
1/4 C. mixed dried fruit [Trader Joe's Golden Berry Mix: Golden raisins, reg raisins, cherries, blueberries, cranberries]

1/4 to 1/3 C. crumbled bleu cheese
1peeled, ripe avocado
2 parts mayo to 1 part low fat sour cream

splash of raspberry balsamic vinegar

1 T olive oil
2 t. sugar or splenda

lemon pepper to taste

 *I do not add salt.*
Do NOT use Granny Smith/ green apples, too sour. Do not use low fat mayo, it slides off and is watery, ick.


Cape Cod variation: chicken or turkey;  whole walnut pieces; red Delicious apples; celery. Omit sour cream.

Citrus Variation: chicken or turkey; sliced peeled navel oranges  [disks,  halved] or mandarin orange segments, canned; bleu cheese; toasted slivered almonds [matchsticks not the flat kind] --on top. Celery optional. 2t. horseradish mayo optional. Sub lemon juice for raspberry vinegar optional.

This is also lovely stuffed into halved whole wheat pitas!



gone to the beach.....