I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sunny Days

Hi everyone! Hooray, hooray, we finally had a warm sunny day!
Mo and I saw neighbors in shorts and flip flops, carrying their beach chairs; one guy was barefoot and in shorts, towing his little surf fishing wagon. In the village, the pubs and cafes were doing a booming brunch/lunch  business---on a Monday!, all the sidewalk tables filled with smiling people. I think everyone has skipped spring and gone right on to Summer.

Mo and I saw our first robin!
I feel like the groundhog though. I'm awake and peeking carefully out at this new world, wondering if it's all an illusion and we're in for six more weeks of winter?

The other day my friend L(Elle) and I drove up the island to the big Lowe's---ostensibly to buy light bulbs and tubs of pansies for our front doorways. But really that was just an excuse for the lovely drive up the parkway.

As we go further north, into the main body of Long Island, the weather quickly turns much warmer. And here's what we came to see---this old highway is densely planted with forsythia. So beautiful, so happy, like sunshine in bloom.

Lowe's had lovely flowers. I think these are ranunculas, but to me they are exotic poppies.

The pansies were a little wilty but I got a small bowl of mixed funny faces for my deck. It's always so hard to choose. And I love the violas too.

I had to do some clipping of the plants, which inspired this pretty little vignette: an old cobalt vial, Coalport porcelain pansies, and Mrs. Tiggywinkle, in honor of my groundhog/ hedgehog imaginings. [she's my fave, though I always love Mrs Tittlemouse too, and the little mousie on the thread spool, from? Tailor of Gloucester? Beatrix Potter story books.]

I love how detailed the original illustrations were, and how well the paintings have translated to the figures. See the little brown dots on her head? Those are Mrs. T's hedgehog spines sticking out through her white mobcap! So cute.

Yesterday, Sunday, was the first flea. It was mobbed!
My usual method is to first walk through through a market rather quickly, scanning for hopeful booths and favorite sellers. [I then go again, slowly and look at all, maybe then a third time to rummage in junk bins...]. But the market was far too crowded to walk and look, and actually too crowded to really enjoy. It was also the market that has the unfortunate vendors like sock dealers, mounds of VCR tapes and old superhero dolls, tools, comics, and weird things like the new baby stroller seller. Antiques were few.

The flea market pansies were much nicer than Lowe's, too bad. Maybe next week...

I was exhausted by the hustle-bustle and left after one go-'round.

You know it's spring when you can't get home because the bridges are up. Three! Maybe a record for a Sunday noon.

This bridge I've never seen opened, as far as I recall, not ever. I'm not thrilled to be on the bridge over the water with only the low guardrail either, but part of my world.

I won't complain, the view is lovely, the other drivers patient. Look at that turquoise water!

Today Mo and I spent a sunny hour on the deck, sewing Dots. They just keep piling up, don't they.

And Mo had a fun and exhausting playdate!  His new friends are Reilly and Brady, the chocolate Lab sisters.

Tomorrow my doll quilt goes in the mail, I hope it pleases its new owner, all the way across the country, in, I think, Oregon, or Washington.

Have a wonderful week, full of sunshine and love!



gone to the beach....