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Friday, January 5, 2018

L@@K, L@@K! ~ 2017 Quilts

''Hey guys, you gotta see THIS. In the past year I made 4000 quilts! Of which 5000 went to deserving veterans, and three thousand to homeless and sick Make a Wish kiddies; 300 were for my great grandkids, twenty went to my kids' homeroom teacher, and one for the little  troll who lives under the bridge! 
''I made all these quilts with mom's scraps circa 1960 [love that doubleknit polyester, don't you? It's gonna survive the Apocalypse, I guarantee.] and grandad's neckties, wide, silk, and ketchup stained. I am so effin' proud of me!''

LOL LOL. It's a custom on quilting [-ish] blogs to  recount all the quilts that the blogger made this past year. I do enjoy their posts, especially those whose work has focused on design and growth and personal best, as opposed to massive quantities, fast as they can. I can't give away one quilt, what the heck would I do if I made 100 quilts a year? Who would pay for these, at about 150.oo a pop to batt and quilt alone? Where would they live? Where would I live, as my walls would be busting.

That said here's my list of 2017 finishes. [Um, no, really, I didn't make 4000. That was hyperbole, me exaggerating, just kidding!].

Big quilts ~ (Dotty, Wild Geese, and Sand Pails will get their own post[s] when the snow clears and I can access the grey fence where I hang them.]

"Summertime" from Spring Break pattern by Jan Patek

''Summer Porch'', or "Fourth of July" - pattern with my variations, by Jan Patek

 ''Dotty- Quilty 365'' sewalong with Audrey E of Quilty 365 blog

''When the Wild Geese Fly" ~  I love this quilt so much I hated to finish it and fold it away. I loved everything about making it, no pressure, no rules, casually sewing now and then when I had time, looking for plaid shirts at the thrift. Love, love. pattern by Jan Patek, recolored and some changes by me.

Remade antique ''Russian Sunflower'' top, quilted.

Small quilts~

Crib quilt : Sand Pails and Starfish", my design with vintage star  blocks:

"Muddy Waters" Parmateer Point Sewalong, Lori/ Humble Quilts [every Fall]:

Swap extras: ''Wild Goose Chase''

" Wild Geese" Swap quilt, Lori/ Humble Quilts blog [every spring]. My pattern.

Tiny Temecula Kit Quilts ~

Mittens: ["Sometimes I knit." ]

Violettas cowl:

Unfinished..but I put in a lot of hours!
''Bitty'', top. Pattern by Minick and Simpson

Westering Women - sewalong from Barbara Brackman

Fall Festival Pattern, with changes, by Jan Patek
Gotta change that date!

Let's hope these appear next January as Finishes.

My favorite part of quilting is the endless perfect hours Mo and I spend, sewing and, well, snoring on my deck overlooking my beach and ocean. Mo keeps me going, he demands his sewing hour daily.

 Thanks for looking back with me.



gone to the beach.....

PS on a Cyclone/ Hurricane update note, the storm has passed, though the winds are very strong, creating horizontal ''snow'' and big drifts. I'd guess we had 18" of snow [I was wrong!] but with the drifting it's hard to tell. My deck is chest high in drifts. It's so cold I am seeing little birds huddling on neighbors' window sills, in the sun and where perhaps a bit a heat is seeping out. I can't open my deck door to feed them. Yesterday a friend had to come and dig out my front door because we were drifted in. The wind blew so hard and the air pressure was so odd, that snow forced its way through my outer windows and inner storm windows, making drifts on my bedroom window sills and floor. I loaded buckets of snow to dump into the bathtub to melt. Never saw quite that before! I used tape and plastic dry cleaner bags, and old towels to block the snow coming in. A bit trailer park, but who cares.

our sewing chairs

the flashes upper left, lower one, is where I live.
No thunder for us though.

Mo has a good snow day plan, doesn't he.