I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Walk and a Blueberry Moon

Hello! Oh my it's hot, it's the doldrums of August. No relief in sight. Just look at this heat index the other day.

Today it was so hot at noon the deck burned my feet, so Mo had to stay indoors til his doggy walker came later in the afternoon.

He's pouting; he doesn't understand why he is kept inside.

My sweet friend the dog walker has been encouraging me to come with her and Mo on his walks, when I feel up to it. Yesterday was hot but I so wanted to get out and Mo was so thrilled to have me with him again. We actually walked quite far [slowly!].

"mom! C'mon!"

All the way to the beach pathway alley.

I've missed it, maybe you have too!?

I adore the marigold hedges.

And these are amazing morning blue morning glories, two stories tall. The lady says they self seed each year.

Lovely old fashioned white hydrangeas.

Taller than even the Russian Giants, these sunflowers are gorgeous.

Mo trotted off, headed to the koi pond, but it was too far and too hot for him---or me. We coaxed him back home, looking for shade and grass to feel cool on little feet.

Our brief walk lifted my spirits. Later he was allowed on the deck. He quite loves this big round rock I have, maybe it feels cool?

Tonight the full moon rose at sunset.

The August Moon is called either the Sturgeon Moon or the Blueberry Moon. I'm pretty sure there haven't been sturgeon around here for a couple hundred years--and it's an ugly word---so I'm going with Blueberry Moon.

edit: I'm wrong, we do have sturgeon. Oh I'd hate to meet up with one at the beach! Endangered and rare. HERE

Moon reflecting in the ocean waves.

The moon will be full tomorrow too, go out and look!

I've had this pretty faux seaglass jar for a few years but it never has been quite right...too small for flowers, candles burn out if used outside.

But the other day on my first shopping outing in three months!!--at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I found a string of tiny rice-sized, battery operated fairly lights. Looks like a jar of fireflies, remember doing that?
Perfect! Better than the photo. Just right for earlier evenings of August and September.

have a good week!


gone to the beach...

PS From FB, isn't this so cute? For next year? I'll look for old trucks at the flea.