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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pink Lemonade Auditions

 Hi! Today I am "auditioning" yellow calicoes for my doll quilt...

Yes! I am caught up, more or less, and have all the blocks made.

I love this quiltalong, from Lori at Humble Quilts...so fun.
Here is the antique inspiration quilt again:
Humble Quilts

And here is Lori's adorable version...
Humble Quilts

 Here's my choices:

I thought I'd want the cheddar-y yellow[far left] but it didn't work at all....
This is the closest to both the original and Lori's version; it's brighter than in my pix. It makes my tiny blocks ''pop'' without overwhelming them...

Looks good?

But I had the notion I don't exactly want a pink and bright yellow quilt, whatever will I do with it?
So I tried this odd black and purple repro...Oh my, no! And, tho I don't have photos, I also tried two wonderful antique fabrics :one was tan with tiny figurals in red and black; the other a classic tiny sprig shirting, black on white. Again, no. Not bad, just---blah?

So okay I have a print. But I'm not so fond of foulard type calicoes, they lack sweetness and charm for me. This is my absolute fav, below, a violent chrome yellow and black tiny floral. It doesn't 'pop' quite as perfectly, but I love the very old fashioned-y Pennsylvania Dutch look of it, just so out-there bright, who cares, we like it! look. Must be in my genes, lol.

So now again...choices.

And then the back! A feedsack? I have my eye on a cutie on eBay. Or wildly busy Prussian blue repro surprise? Both?

Not quite what I had in mind...but I like them!

And then of course I'll need a story: Who made this quilt? Why, when, where...whose mama sewed it, what dolly slept beneath it. Ideas? Scenario? Anyone?

Note: I found the cheddar yellows and chrome yellows at a site called: Common Threads . They were fast and efficient, great selection of antique-looking fabrics. However the new to me manufacturer of many of the yellows wouldn't be one I'd actively choose again. All their yellows faded noticeably when pre-washed. And they were ''finished'' so crookedly that the grain is about 4" off, so I am losing quite a lot of fabric when I square things up. Not sure how the foulard will cut, if it is printed crooked? Which may be a deciding factor for the other print.....

notice #1, and #3?
these are antique/vintage fabrics
that held their color perfectly!
Have a great weekend!



self-portrait 8, January 12

gone to the beach...

Note: two inspiration photos and block design kindly and generously shared with permission form Lori at Humble Quilts . Thanks, Lori!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sea of Tranquility

Aaaah..today was such a lovely spring day!

What? It's still January? Could have fooled me....the past few days have been like [our admittedly chilly] May at the beach.

I sure hope you all have been having warm-ish nice weather too---unless you're into skiing, in which case we'll pray for snow.

New moon = very low tide....

so peaceful...

No treasure except the gift of a perfect day.....

And I hope everyone looked up at sunset and saw Jupiter glowing large next to the Cheshire Cat grin of the tiny new moon...

Jupiter is in the upper left corner...
just a tiny dot on my camera, huge in the January sky.



           gone to the beach...

Monday, January 23, 2012


Hi! Hope you all had a good weekend! I stayed in and tried to get things done...a small but tedious bathroom repair, for glamorous example,lol.
**A quick bloggy business note: now Blogger allows replies within the comments. This allows more of a dialog, so if you post a comment, I'll be replying there. [I'll still email usually too, if I have your email. Just to be friendly!]***

The last few days have been both warm and very cold, then snow then ice...but uniformly winter-like. Seems like it never gets fully light out: no sunrise, no sunset...just grey and grey and dark....

I can live with everything except ice...oh I am such a sissy, I am scared of ice, both for walking and driving. Is it just me?

Anyway! My sewing machine is somewhat fixed, though I think it has a bad case of old age. By last night I was exhausted from wrestling with it, my son said I looked like I'd been working hard. (I think I was all sweaty and dishevelled! He thought I'd finally started working out at home!? uh, no.) Sadly my old Brother machine doesn't sew straight! Not a good thing when making quilt tops.
Here are the baby quilts so far....

This one was voted out of the running, "Too bright, too busy." It's a gift from all of us so I have to take my family's opinion to heart. (There would have been fairly wide horizontal sashing in the heart print, then simple borders...)

I kinda liked it a lot, so I was sad about that! (The rubber ducky prints were described as stupid by my kids!) I set it aside.

This is their fav. Not mine.

I am trying hard to keep it simple. I may just applique the tiny heart in the center to bring it into my personal folk art mode. In which case I'll put the child's patchwork pieced name on the back, or maybe not at all?

Perhaps it's a strong hint to get out of the baby gift thing....?

I also gave myself the treat of working on my blocks for Lori's doll quilt quilt-along, here. Wow that was fast! She is done! The blocks are small enough and fussy enough that I didn't feel I have time to "audition" lots of blocks as I normally might. For now I'll just continue and then maybe make subs later? My pinks are too pink, all I had or could find, too dark.

The red block is a definite redo, crooked, crooked [center red square]---what happened?

Here's Lori's version of the antique inspiration quilt......

Humble Quilts, used with permission. Thx, Lori!
 Back to work! Beach day tomorrow...I hope.



gone to the beach....

sunrise after Saturday's snow,
a cloud bank heading up the coast...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dark Inspiration: Winter Sea, Beach, Storm Clouds

Hi! Snow is coming!? For you too?  This past week I finished un-decorating from Christmas...it takes me longer to put away, I think, than to get the stuff up. Maybe because I have more helpers before than after.

[and this year I hardened my heart and discarded many old ornaments...not antiques, just sentimental treasures no longer used. sigh. That was hard.]

I adore the holidays, the red and green, the pine and holly, the glitter and extravagance...but in January I am so relieved to see my home dressed in its beach clothes,  its shades of serene blue and white.

I've temporarily set out my indigo blue batik seashell pillows. Due to my sewing machine's ills, I did not yet make my new set of accents for winter. And began auditioning wintery fabrics...

My inspiration is my winter beach and sky....

I'm planning a palette of deep blue, black, stormy grey...added to the base white of course.

Here are my final choices...

I don't think my family will like the linen, top piece, above ...these French grain sacks/ towels are an acquired taste from blogland and eBay.
I love the black seashell toile! It's a pillow sham, quilted cotton and the only one I found at Homegoods one year. I can't decide if I should do one big statement pillow or make two, but add side panels of ticking or charcoal linen? [Thoughts?]

And this is a new Bali batik, above left and  below, It just says storm clouds to me, I love it...and also its artisanal character, not to mention smoothest soft cotton, very washable!

This grey starfish cotton is wonderful but perhaps too ditsy...it may become a table runner, for the coffee table..or even a runner backing, napkins, or?

I also add a few simple blue quilts...

and I dig out my favorite black and white transferware.

I display it with my favorite dark blues until late spring when it is replaced by all blues and white ironstrone.

This is a new pot from Goodwill...had to have it for 5 bucks! I bought it to use as a conatiner for forcing paperwhite bulbs for the dining room table, but even though I'll never use it for soup, I think it's too cute and perfect for plants, right?

The bulbs will go in my [very valuable, but what the heck] antique Staffordshire tureens instead! Tomorrow is indoor gardening day! I ll show you my  bulb planting projects soon...
Then I have my grocery store lipstick pinky-red tulips, I couldn't wait for mine to bloom! I love the red, though white is my first choice when available.
Such happy, hopeful flowers...they make me smile! You too?



gone to the beach!
in the [maybe...] snow! yay!