I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Summer Begins ~ Fourth of July

Good evening, friends! It has been a lovely holiday weekend here at the beach. Some clouds and humidity made for less than perfect photos at times but with good weather and friends and family gathered round, it was my idea of perfect.

Of course my dad's flags were prominently displayed. The outdoor one actually goes up on Memorial Day and remains out til Christmas.

I stuck my little flags in all the flower pots and in jars and crocks around the cottage.

Poor Mo was decorated too. [He did not like the star garlands!].

Sadly he is mostly banished into the air-conditioned house; the heat and humidity and excitement were very hard on him at times.

Early summer morning walks, to beat the heat. Mo and I looked to see what everyone was doing to celebrate.

Daylilies always bloom for 4th of July.

Pretty fence flowers peeking back out at us!

Beautiful large starfish sculpture, very Jonathan Adler. I love it.

Deck flowers are blooming!

Nigella from Mel, from seeds.

Lilies my son planted for me the summer I was in such pain.

Later it was off to the beach! Some clouds, which is actually a good thing, makes intermittent shade.

Far, far, over a mile round trip.

some crowds,

but nice.

Here's Gully.

Rose hips replacing the fragrant pink blooms.

This is fun! Look what I discovered on the big beach to the east: the big red buoy.

It is still here, I never realized, because its antennae and red light have been removed, its bell silenced. It has become partially buried in the sand. I hope to get over to see it up close, soon.
Below, photo taken from the boardwalk over the dunes, red buoy is in left, top corner.

Here just after it washed ashore, last spring.

For the Fourth, my friends had their annual BBQ. As always it was delicious. I'll put the menu and recipes here at the end.

Later I wanted to sit on my deck and watch the Grucci fireworks live, but guests prevailed, everyone was hot and tired, so we watched the Macy's fireworks on TV. Ridiculous.

Mo loves these friends' quiet garden and he was so happy to have all his ''family'' together, even though we had to enforce the No Treats rule due to his hot weather iffy tummy. [yes he puked in their immaculate living room, sigh.]


Friday a big box arrived from my quilter! So exciting.

I stayed up late prepping my July Country Year block and sewing bindings onto the newly finished quilts!

Today we had drier weather, but very high winds. You can see the seaweed blown ashore at high tide, 2 PM, so not raked away yet.

The wind kept the flies away, but made it impossible to sew on "July/ Sailboat". Maybe just as well, bec I don't like the left sail's shape, even though it is carefully copied and fabric ironed around its paper shape. I will redo it. I also brought the Pinky Dolly Quilt, glad to have it to work on. Sewing binding is a perfect beach project.

I hope your long weekend was good too, maybe a little sewing or reading or time with those you love. Happy Summer!

4th of July BBQ Menu

Italian Pinwheel sausage, pork with basil and cheese, Good Seasons marinade.

Sweet marinated Chicken breasts.

Marinated Skirt steak, delicious and different marinade.

[you'll note everything is marinated! LOL. BBQ, right?]

My mom's classic German potato salad, vinegar and oil dressing, no mayo.

My friend's roasted veggie pasta salad.

Ralph's Italian cream ices: raspberry, peanut butter, vanilla chocolate chip, lemon. Handmade, hand packed. A summer party staple. [My offer to make strawberry shortcake was politely ignored.]

Rolatini with Roasted Vegs and Arugula

Whatever pasta you wish to use, cooked al dente, she used de Cecco spirals

Fresh baby arugula

sundried tomatoes

Roasted, cooled vegs -  cherry tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, fairly fine dice.

Feta cheese.

Good Seasons Italian dressing, or any garlicky vinaigrette you like.




gone to the beach.......