I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Out and About ~ or Not

Hello! We are again having gale winds this morning.

A harbinger of spring maybe, as windy days in March and April were always kite flying days for me as a solitary little girl. Now kite flying is the hobby of geeky adults instead. I wish I could capture the ocean for you; in gale winds and high tides it heaves and bellows and huge plumes of white  froth sail across the metallic blue water. Too windy to go out though.


A few weeks ago best friend L and I were coming out of hibernation and the after-holidays slump, had a few fun shopping trips, now curtailed due to the corona virus. My doctor says just normal precautions, wash hands, avoid crowds---but still.

First up was a trip across the bridge to the little Target for spring cleaning supplies---

...and a look around the clothes department for some adds to my somewhat barren winter wardrobe.

You know how I love Target Dollar Bins:

Lovely glycerin soap, and palest aquamarine, lemon scented, one dollar!

I always look for seasonal photo props. Nothing for Mo to wear for St Paddy's Day, too bad. Just tutus in green tulle with shamrock flocking. Actually I wish I'd gotten one for Mo, but too $$$.

And yes, I bought a swimsuit.

I love the print and crisscross straps. Blog friend QB made me laugh so much when she said there should be no mention of swimsuits when [at her house] it was 16* and blizzarding. LOL!

Then on to Home Goods, just for fun and what a delight. When I shop I am usually quite careful and considering: How will I use this?, will I like it next year too?, is it worth the money?---but  that day HG was so inspiring, I was just filling my cart in a real shopping spree frenzy. Unheard of!

The store was very very stocked for Easter.

Which  I love but do not need at this point in my life.

For some reason this oddly decoupaged egg appealed to me. If i find a big BIG egg somewhere I may give it a try. Looks fun.

Lots of glass Eggs like the fall pumpkins, but not as cute....

My favorite item, only seen in these photos, tucked in back, these very Victorian Rabbits in the wicker May Basket. Is it a snowglobe?

I thought the herbal wreaths were beautiful.

A few coastal items. Not sure if we missed "Coastal" or it is coming soon and there will be more.

Gorgeous recycled ''seaglass'' beads, too $$ at 16.oo a strand. I wanted them all.

Darling spring gnomes if you enjoy whimsy.

But what I loved is [also sort of the end of, note to self, do not skip January and February HG visits, was the enticingly beautiful  World Marketplace "Global Color" selection.

As you know I decorate my beach house in blue and white coastal, with seasonal changes; my loft in Brooklyn was black and white modern/ Art Deco. But my true love is Boho---color! texture! mixed prints. Left to  myself in a city apartment I would have dusty violet and sage velvet sofas, India print chintz wing chairs, a faux mantel/fireplace, layers of faded oriental rugs. Vases and china elephant tables. @@ Tassels and fringe and all my quilts scattered about. So you can imagine I snapped up this lovely Kantha bolster. (Kantha:  an India quilt style utilizing old saris and big running stitches.)

I am telling myself it ''works'' with the blues. And if not, I do not care one little bit.

The blue Kantha [copy] throw, indigo block print cotton, so soft.

The wonderful big woven Pineapple.

Isn't he just perfect. Meant to be a summer doorstop but I can see it will be featured elsewhere til needed.

A looked for  kitchen item, a new bundt pan. Pretty duck egg blue with speckles.

I wanted but did not get this pouf, again something I loved but we were running out of car space. I need a little seat for when I do holiday gatherings. It could also work out on the deck; and there is a BIG wicker and canvas laundry cart, needed for my workroom to replace a corrugated moving crate box; I store bedding for the hide-a-bed in there, and batting. The basket would be perfect.

Last purchase:  a long-searched-for large glass cylinder for my seaglass collection.

I bought one of these a few years ago and gave it to a friend, have been looking ever since. One less often discussed aspect of clutter/declutter  is that small bunches of ''stuff'' parked at random look messy:

But one big item to hold a messy collection looks neat and intentional:

I need two more though. One for the rest of my glass and one for my beach pebbles.

I hope we can go back to HG for the rest of the treasures. BTW, everything was very inexpensive, not really a splurge, especially considering the joy that silly pillow gives me.
But L and I may be limiting our outings as we watch the CV developments in our area.


Here is the oatmeal bread. It was very easy and very good. Oddly it used only a tiny bit of yeast 1/4 teaspoon. Next try I plan to use more oats and a 1/2 t of yeast.

Thanks again to everyone for their concern about Mo after his fall. He seems fine and is now eating again and walking fairly well, just a little less than usual;. I attribute this to the wind, not his fall.

What is this, mommy?

It is scary!

Shall I lift my leg on it so it smells Mo-ey?

 I had one of my medical treatments yesterday, hence the Saturday post and delay in comment replies to my previous post. I am doing well despite the pain and vision probs related to it. This is now 11 years of this. My first session was St-Patrick's Day 2009. I don't know when I started if I realized it would be ''forever''....?

Despite the wind, described above, my deck, sheltered from a north wind,is sunny and warm! Mo and I sat out for awhile and he got a good brushing. He loves that.  And maybe tomorrow I can even  take some sewing out---if we can get in gear after the time change. See you next week!



gone to the beach....

PS Quilt Granma, your quote fabric was sent earlier this week. Thanks for giving it a new home, feel free to chop it up!