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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fruit Harvest and some Tomatoes

Hi everyone! The farmers market has been bustling! Early August marks the fruit harvest. Peaches one week, plums the next.


The fruits are like jewels. 

This week I got fresh ricotta and peaches and raspberries to make a special dessert we all love. I'll put the recipe at the end.

Tomatoes are a sort of fruit and they are starting to appear at the market.

I'm planning to make Kelley's Baby Tomatoes and Brie Pasta this weekend. recipe here

There's an abundance of veggies too, more to my taste than fruit. Mostly I like to look at fruit, but only like to eat it in pies or crumbles.  My mother believed fruits were mostly sugar, acceptable only as a rare treat. And then, well, I'd rather have ice cream!

A new bakery. We don't eat much bread, only ate a a bit of this lovely bread. I made croutons and froze them.

Along with Mo's treats is a wonderful handmade soap, on the left.

It's full of good things to nourish one's salty, sun baked skin. But most important it smells amazing! Like sea salt and brine---in a delicious way. Note the exotic ingredients on the label, below.

Later Mo had a baaahth as our Grenadian nanny used to say. The groomer comes in her fancy salon van! Mo had a lovely bath and is all fluffy and palest ivory again.

Tonight is the premier of Project Runway! Early Mo walk and no cooking for me, salads and sandwiches. Do you watch PR? It so reminds me of design school, the bickering and fails and criticisms. Thank goodness real design work---though very challenging---is not the same at all.

Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy our August days and nights.



gone to the beach

Sweet Ricotta Dessert

fresh ricotta cheese, drained if you have time.


1 T good vanilla

1/4 cup of liqueur or sweet liquor, like rum. I use Amaretto or Grand Marnier. Whatever is leftover from Christmas is fine. 

1/3 C Splenda [or sugar]; or to taste.

Fluff it all up with a fork.

Gently fold in berries or fruit. 

Add 1/4 C of semi sweet chocolate morsels. Fold in gently.

Sprinkle toasted slivered almonds on top, to taste. 

Serve very small portions, in tiny bowls. [very rich]

My kids like it very cold, put in freezer half hour before serving, if desired.