I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cold Front Coming? Finally?

Hi! Did you get some cool weather?
I woke up today to another hot, and more importantly very muggy day! You can see the white sky and humidity haze.

I hustled through chores and errands to get to the beach at low tide. The tides are especially low after a full moon (this past Monday) so I was hoping for some treasure.
On my out to the tideline I was thrilled to see this small flock of mallard ducks arrive. They come every fall.

And though I could not get a photo I was very amazed the other day to see a big fat white swan lumber across the bridge road! Not flying very high, he looked tired, poor guy.
Then on to the beach for my walk.

Right away I found this lovely old bottle neck, on a bit of pristine sand by a driftwood log.

Otherwise not much treasure---but what I found was cool.

The old roof tile or drain pipe bit, on the above right. Avery pretty cobalt medicine bottle base and a tiny sand dollar...

A string of glass beach beads, sea glass beads! Will they protect against "the evil eye"?

This large bit of frosted glass, looks like part of a Victorian lamp shade maybe? I tried to take a photo so you could see the stars embossed on it. See the storm looming in the background?

I barely made it home before the storm arrived! Windy and threatening but no lightning and only sprinkles of rain so far.

Wonder if the cool air will finally arrive?

...Yes! The temperature has dropped 20* even as I typed this post. I am smiling....I love that first hint of fall, even if hot weather returns  til November. How about you? Do you look forward to fall?....

Talk to you soon!




.....gone to the beach