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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Quilt Show and Farmers Market

Hi! It's Wednesday! Already. I hustled out today to the first Wednesday farmers market, all excited on a sunny day, my head filled with visions of fresh-cut lilacs, bright green scallions, itty bitty fiery hot baby red radishes. You know, springtime. Maybe a couple pots of herbs? Now this year I was very happy to read that the market has returned to [almost] its original hours, being open from 10 to 4. I'm not a person who wants to contemplate cooking dinner before noon! So today I headed to the market, was there by 1 PM or so.
What!? Just a solitary pretzel guy's cart and a few hungry seagulls lingered in the empty town square.

Huh. More investigation is needed. I was pretty sad.
Last Saturday went better, I'm happy to report. The quilters' guild show has returned to the hockey rink over the bridge on the mainland, in a sweet little seaside-y town. The big draw for me to get to the show is to visit the fabric vendors. I never get to shop for good quilt fabric in person, it's quite a thrill to choose from something besides a screen monitor.

Not many vendors. Long Island is not a hotbed of the sewing arts. But even the half dozen or so sellers had great selections.

I found so many pretty things!

These fat quarters...I think I am inspired by Val's palette in my swap doll quilts. I chose soft pinks and browns with touches of blue.

Love the thimbles! They can mix w/ the pink/ brown Civil War repros or be used alone somehow.

 I always admire this local basket maker's work, though I can't afford to buy a basket from her. Really beautifully made and so functional.

And I picked up some fun things for Humble Quilt's new sewalong , Jan Patek's Front Porch Quilt, herein now referred to as Porch 2 or P2 until I decide on a cuter name. [we made another Front Porch quilt a few years ago, you may recall.]

I'll write more about the new project in another post, but here's the picture so you know what I',m talking about.

I picked up a few additional fabrics for P2 at the show. I know it's a bit trite and I have other ''watermelon'' fabrics but how can I pass up actual watermelon print!?

And all porches that serve lemonade and cookies, as mine does, might have a few ants,lol. I have NO ants though! Thank goodness.

The pattern has these large lollipop flowers in pots.

I pictured one large flamboyant print for all the circles [4 1/2'' - 5" wide? Teacup saucer size, anyway.] and was happy to see this Kaffe Fassett print in person for the flowers.

When I got home there was a package from Hancock's of Paducah waiting. It had all the off white background fabrics I need for Porch 2 [P2?] and other applique ideas.

I'd like to think I can use only my stash but P2 needs large blocks of fabric, and I just don't have the yardage on hand. I already pieced my house and am not thrilled. But okay, because those shirtings are from my friend BJ, who is making the Farmer's Wife quilt, top of page here].

Now back to the lollipop flowers: in my mind I kept picturing a vintage fabric I knew I had somewhere. Instead of the KF print? It's the most beautiful shade of orange-y red and lovely printing job, lightly chintzed finish.

I found it in a basket on a high shelf, with a whole bunch of other great red and blue fabrics. These are vintage calicoes [1970s?] from a friend of my parents, who passed away years ago, and from my friend and mentor Olga B. I kept them together because they're pairs of red and blue prints, and quite generous yardage too mostly.

I haven't looked in that basket in 15 years, I don't think.
It's early days of course but I am thinking the lollipop blocks' flower choice may need to be done when the whole quilt top is completed. Only then will I know which floral print is best.



gone to the beach...

PS Mo in pink ''snow''......