I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Shop Local"

Hi everyone!

Look! Santa came this year!

The big marina, now empty of yachts, is at his back. A few fishing boats remain, if you look closely.

And the firehouse once again has the best Christmas trees for sale.

Wonderful trees and a fine fundraiser, fun to see the guys who volunteer here for firefighting and rescues. We wish them all a very merry Christmas.

Last year all this was destroyed by H. Sandy, so seeing Santa and the firemen's trees made me very happy.

Monday and Tuesday I ''shopped local'' as they say here. We don't have anything very glamorous. (I'll put a couple links at the end for high style, fancy/ glamour locations, all white and sparkly.)

This is the local nursery/ flower shop.

You can see how it was once a farmhouse perhaps. It is located on the mainland on the big bay, where people ''summered'' before the barrier island where I live was filled in and built upon in the 1920s.
They stock cute beachy ornaments.

And seashell ideas.

The shop specializes in fairy gardens. This year: gingerbread fairies, adorable!

And trees too, of course.

I got a delightfully scented rosemary bush and two amaryllis bulbs that I stupidly thought were part of the buy one/get one bulbs deal.


The rosemary is, I know from experience, rather prone to wilt. They're fussy, they don't like my hot sunny rooms. So it is acclimating here in the pile of bowlies.

I also stopped into Marshall's. [I told you: Not Glamorous here,lol.]  I bought yet another mercury glass kugel, a spool of burlap ribbon and a bunch of tiny mercury ornies for the rosemary tree?

This is my back door. A little pine in the pink crock.

I tied just a single star at its top, I want it to look sweet and simple. Though I do see it could use a bit of the burlap to hide its pot.

My shopping is done except to add small stocking stuffers and gifts for my guests at my Christmas Dinner. Mittens and socks, wines, bags of pistachios...little things. Just for the fun of it. Because everyone must find a present under the tree, right?

Even if they were, well, a bit naughty!

Hope you're having lots of fun, no frazzle. Happy Holidays to all.



gone to the beach


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