I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, October 20, 2014

Flea-ing...Flea market Finds

Hi everyone! This was just such a great day! Last night the first cold front of Fall blew in around two A M. Don't you love that first truly chilly night, when the curtains billow and snap in the wind and you snuggle deep under your down comforter, thinking maybe this week it's time to put the flannel sheets on...then you sink into a deep dark no-dreams sleep. Mmmmm.
I was up and out early [for me] and bundled up in layers, off to the flea market. (Good thing I did layers because it was pretty hot at the market, many people still in shorts and flipflops and I was wishing I was too, dressed in a cashmere sweater and jeans.)Beautiful drive northeast--- the leaves are quite colorful away from the ocean. Lots of brilliant reds and golds on this scenic parkway.

The market this week and last week were excellent, less granny's garage sale rejects, more fun antiques. I found things *I* like, though you may think I'm in a bit of a rut, because just now as I edited the photos, it all looked a bit same-old. Then again, I am buying mostly materials for my etsy and eBay shops.

A bag of pretty linens. There's a lot of linen here just to be reused as solid.

An interesting damask ''guest'' towel or show towel, with hand knotted fringe.

Cross-stitched Italian souvenir bridge or tea cloth. I can cut out the flower sections for linen hearts, for spring. So dainty and sweet.

Same with the little napkins. Cute motifs here, a bit different, a moth, a dragonfly?

Tablecloth with embroidered baskets. They'll make cute springtime hearts or little aprons for prim Easter Bunnies, maybe? large pinkeep?

The unusual find in this baggie [I bought it for a few dollars, unopened] was the papers tucked inside. A baby photo, some mass cards, a bill for a sewing machine, and this beautifully inscribed envelope with an Italian stamp, postmarked "Messina Italy". Remnants of previous owner's life and loves?

Then a bag of buttons.

Yes I have tons of buttons, but I 'm always looking for more. Bakelite, retro plastic, paste and white metal [rhinestone] ; black metal hearts with rhinestones. No stars , too bad, I am searching for antique stars for the Flags quilt.


for my little thimble collection.

These are brass, one is a tailor's thumb thimble, I think. It's very large.

A small yelloware mixing bowl.

I love the rather crude glaze and esecially love the robin's egg blue band which I have never seen before. Had to have it!

And then this cutie: Mrs. Tiggywinkle!

She is a Beatrix Potter character. Royal Doulton has made these figurines for many years. When I was a tiny girl and adored my little grey-green Beatrix Potter books, I had just a few of these rather costly animals. I had Mrs. Tittlemouse and The Fierce Bad Rabbits in their wicker crib. The Kitten one, I forget his name. [Tom Kitten?]
But my all time fave was Mrs. Tiggywinkle and I never had her figurine. Til now. The others were lost through time and moves and growing up. (She is a hedgehog.)

A favorite writer/ illustrator of mine, Susan Branch, collects these figures and sells them in her shop. here I believe the ones she sells are vintage and the figures are no longer made.  Perhaps an eBay item, if I can bear to part with her.

I was surprised upon studying Mrs. TW that she is holding a cup of tea---I thought her figure held an iron, as she is the woodlands's little laundress.

Today's finds...blue transferware platters.

One is big and the other is HUGE.

This pattern is marked Byzantium.

The name and designs were used throughout the 1800s. I am guessing this one dates from about 1840, since the later ones were printed in dark navy blue with hints of grey, not in this pale baby blue.

And this is marked Medina. It is enormous, turkey sized 18" x 14" which is bigger than it sounds.

Maker's mark. Online search shows it as dating from about 1845.

The border almost looks sponge painted. Unusual design. Like an early calico, isn't it?
I finished so early I decided I'd stop in the thrift shop while I was out east on the mainland. I found a great tweed jacket! Marked 14.00 but 6.oo off because of...? [no clue but why argue, lol.]

It's a beautiful tweed wool, rather long, almost a short coat and just what I've been looking for, especially for eight bucks. Usually in the fall I wear a sweater and an ancient denim jacket but that looks wrong with jeans, hence the idea of wearing vintage thrifted tweed instead.

When I got home I got a text from my friend saying he could go with me to the doggy park with Mo. I hadn't wanted to go alone, unsure of who might be there---it's in  nearby park but quite isolated out in the dunes. And I wasn't sure how Mo would behave.

Turns out, the doggy folks are nice, their big dogs beautifully gentle and trained.

Mo was good, for a puppy and his first time. One nice guy brought his big gentle Weimeraner mix into the small dog area to give Mo an introduction to big dogs, then the other folks said Mo should come out and play in the huge yard.

We had so much fun! I wish I could tell you Mo was tuckered out. But no.... Here he is later, helpimg unpack the flea market finds.

Have a great week. Be sure to check out my Around the World featured blogs' posts this week, when they'll write their stories and tag the next bunch of new friends for us to meet.




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