I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, September 25, 2009

So here we are...

Welcome to The Beach!

Hi! Welcome to the Beach! I hope that you will enjoy sharing my world of sun and sand; trinkets, treasure and trash.
However shall I introduce myself? My name is Lizzy (AKA robin on esty & Ebay) and I am a recycle/ upcycle/ found object artist. I work in many genres, from quilts to folk art dolls, jewelry, sculpture, and collage. But somehow it all comes down to re-use, re-purpose---make treasures from trash or other people’s cast-offs.

Once upon a time I was a NYC fashion designer. And it was fun and exciting but as season relentlessly followed on season—always a year ahead! As if!----it was obvious that I was no longer enjoying my life. There I was in my black cargoes & white Hanes t-shirts, presenting yet another group of glitzy party dresses that I myself would never ever wear, even if my merry-go-round schedule of zillion hour workweeks actually gave me a Night Out!

Instead my Midwestern country girl soul---yep, never saw the ocean before age 23!—is drawn to antique china and silver, to vintage fabric and heirloom linens and antique quilts. Outdoor markets, flea or farmers, love them all! And instead of joining a gym, I walk for hours on the windswept shoreline, searching for “treasure”---sea glass, driftwood, shells---to turn into collage or jewelry or my folkart angels. And so here I stay, watching the tides and the stars and the shorebirds. The seasons still come and go, but oh so gently. Life is easy here, and happy. Summers are long and sun-filled, autumn can be just a blip in early December, the winters are clear and stunningly beautiful, marked by the occasional storm. Spring comes late and is often cool but the marshes slowly turn brilliant green, the egrets and ospreys return and summer arrives yet again.

Summer can last forever….here at the beach. And friends are always welcome. Enjoy!