I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Something Fun-Repurposing Finds from the Flea Market

Hi everyone!
Today was very dark and drizzly. I decided to stay home and work on listing and mailings, and all those chores that get a bit neglected  during Christmas shopping time.

But of course my beach was calling to me, so despite the rain I took my bag of old bread down to the beach, to feed my gulls and walk along the grey shoreline.

The beach is not always gorgeous and glamorous! Though, to me, always beautiful and peaceful. Note to self: It's December! Bring a flashlight and a larger gathering bag. And, um, maybe a raincoat? Even the gulls were gone!

Back home I played with ideas for these canisters I found a few weeks ago at the market. Yes, they're great just as is, but what else can they be?

I want to keep the one with the swallow for my workroom, fill it with often used spools of thread.

The chip makes it unsaleable, I think?

Here's a [yummy!] thought...Christmas cookies!

Then during the winter the recipient could fill it with healthy delicious things like oatmeal cookies. (We always have oatmeal cookies on snow days.)

So cute and so much nicer than a boring old tin from the craft shop!

Look! The pretty meringues are just from Trader Joe's (or Stop n Shop?). You don't even have to bake.

Or you could fill it with teas, maybe a tea ball or strainer, those honey sticks?.... for a friend who loves tea. Same idea with hot chocolate, add some peppermint sticks for stirrers.

Or...maybe they could be used as containers for forcing bulbs?

a fun gift for the housebound-by-winter gardener?

The high sides are good for flowers that flop, like narcissus or amaryllis...
But any vintage---or new---container will do. I often use Mason jars.
This year my amaryllis wouldn't wait. They'll bloom before Christmas, I think.

I put together some kits for the non-gardeners too. Available, along with the canisters, in my etsy shop.

BTW let me remind everyone: If you enjoy forcing bulbs  [more] during the cold winter months, now is the time to stock up. I keep the bulbs in my car, cool and dark (don't let them freeze though!), until January when I start them all. Home Depot has great prices right now.

Experiment! I got the usual, plus blue scillas, snowdrops, and hyacinths. Should be a fragrant winter here at the beach!



   gone to the beach...