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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Purple Prose

Hi! What does that mean, anyway---purple prose? For this post, my purple is all about fabric, purple calico!

I had so much fun making Lori's Midnight Stars doll quilt that I decided I might make another on my own. While I wait for someone, anyone! to send me more vintage indigo scraps for her adorable Cheddar Cheese and Crackers quilt, I thought maybe I'd try my hand at miniaturizing one of my own antique quilts.

I chose this 1885-ish Midwestern Mennonite quilt because it is a favorite of mine, just recently quilted in memory of my mother who treasured the unfinshed top. I don't have Electric Quilt but I figured I could eyeball the blocks down to 5" pretty easily, by keeping the proportions similar.

But then! As I studied the quilt I realized :

One-I'd never find an ombre stripe! But a regular stripe might be okay.

or not, lol!

Then Two: I saw that I would need two sets of purple and red twin prints, one set large scale, one tiny scale. Hmmm.

We don't have nice quilt shops here at the beach [I'm yearning to visit Tumbleweed, in Cape Cod---the best!] but if I take a long drive over the salt marsh bridges,  through the seashore park area and up the parkway, I can get to Joann's Fabrics. Maybe 45 minutes?

This is what I found. Actually three sets of twin prints!

and yes, I made the mental blip of thinking the antique quilt's red was pink! But I love color, I like them , so...? I also picked up the only turkey red FQ in the shop!
The black behind the fat quarters is a charcoal and black stripe that I like a lot. I bought it originally for the big quilt's binding.....

Then I decided, well I want "real" antique-looking calicos and ordered from Hancock's.
Got the famous backorder message, so here are scans from the catalog. NO clue of scale or color really, but interesting.

And since I plan to make only six 5" blocks I didn't have to buy too much.
Here's the inspiration block again, so you can compare:

Now if only it would arrive so I can choose...Joann-funky bright? Or Hancock repro subtle? (Yes, I know...I will try both!)

Twiddling my thumbs and headed to the beach for now!

PS If you're wondering how I make the large quilt work in my all white [with cobalt & turq] home...I am currently using it on my bed with all-white flannel-and-lace sheets (Company Store) and antique cotton and lace pillow cases. White wool throw rugs. I love it!



.............gone to the beach