I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, April 28, 2017

Walking Again

Hi! Mo and I are up to two walks per day now! I reactivated my Map My Walk app; we log about 1.25  to 1.5 miles per day. A poor showing unless I compare it to how things were  not that many months ago, when I couldn't walk from one room to the next.

As always Mo and I watch the changing seasons. Right now we're on the lookout for spring. The bayberry shrubs [left] always are very late.

The secret beach path alley is still were drab and winter-y, but we've seen neighbors doing garden cleanups and some early planting.

One young couple [new, renters of a rehabbed post Sandy house], have filled their flower boxes with tomato, basil, and parsley plants! Right now it looks so cute, not sure what the effect will be in July when the tomatoes run wild and get scraggly.

The pink crabapples are coming into bloom. And look at that rare for April blue, blue sky.

The Bradford pears, windblown, drop April snow.

The forsythia is nearing its end. Planted here with dark shrubs, the bright golden yellow is so dramatic.

This is a hot sunny wall, the blooms have fallen.

Yellow snow! Nicer than what we usually call yellow snow, isn't it.

This is a very large beautiful shrub. I call it a mock orange?

The backs of the waxy white flower heads are  pale pearly pink. No scent.

Pretty daffodils.

Some of these are at my friends of the tropical garden's yard . They didn't like the daffs I planted for them and had asked me to pull them out last year or even the previous year. I did as asked, but daffs can be tenacious, and I for one am glad a few survived.

I love tulips, but they're a fragile flower, blooming slowly then gone in just a day or two.

After our longest noon walk, Mo retires to the deck for his nap. Today I sat with him awhile and worked on my alternate House/ not-House block for Fall Festival.



gone to the beach....

PS Morning's dense fogs have given way to blue skies! The ocean is blue and white and frothy. Surfing is good, I hear.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Out and About ~ Fabric Sales and Thrifting!

Hello on this April showers dismal day! Despite the weather my girlfriends and I have been venturing out  for some shopping fun. Here we are on Sunday, off to Joann's big April sale. This is the mainland, but you can see the trees are still bare, just the hint of green and the pretty dogwoods in bloom. These north/ south roads are called ''parkways'' and were built in the 1930's, heavily planted to create a beautiful drive in all [well, most] seasons.

Joann's wasn't so glamorous, but I got about 25 spools of neutral cotton threads, two rulers, and 6 yards of brown-on-brown cotton polka dots for the backing of Fall Festival. With sales and coupons it was priced at 3.99 a yard--thanks for the heads up, Mel! Then Monday my friend and fellow thrifter Bea came to visit. Mo was set up with the baby, I mean doggy, sitter and off we went.  Score! Our fav thrift shop was jam packed with treasures as folks declutter and spring clean.

My finds! Some are simply things that please me for 99 cents, some might go into my etsy shop. All the prices were 50% off, plus the rewards card credit, so I did indulge a little.

The mundane: a new with tags ice cube tray, to make ice sticks for sports water bottles. I hope it works.

Pretty and useful, a sweet little clock to keep me on time; for bathroom vanity.

Fun beachy finds, a float for my collection, new from Pier One, but interestingly iridescent. And an unusually heavy small conch or whelk.

Big work basket. Not sure why I bought this. Good for corralling scraps or block pieces?

Dear little Acorn jar, Pffaltzgraff. It'll be so cute next fall when I start my hot tea drinks, filled with natural cane sugar or Stevia or whatever  the food police consider okay to consume six months from now. Or an autumn scented candle?

With this small jar was a collection of squirrel figurines--- some china, wood, even a brass squirrel. Adorable but I don't collect squirrels. Love acorns though, real or imaginary like this one.

I do casually collect these English bone china tiny pots of flowers. I know I should not, they are dust catching tchotckas, but they remind me of my mom and I love them. My mother collected them and hers were ''lost'' / tossed when her house was sold. My dad always bought them for her. I don't know if she actually liked them or she loved them because they were gifts from her husband. Parental mysteries, but I am sentimental sometimes.

 I don't know what the flowers are? The design is marked October, maybe autumn anemones? I thought they were hellebores but  with the October reference?

Usually these are Coalport. This one is not.

 And sweet and so tiny love birds on a seashell with itty bitty blue roses. Made in Japan, perhaps 1950s. Probably it will become a pincushion or thimble catcher.

[below] Tacky! B was aghast. But I love the souvenir Staffordshire, especially if it's from a familiar place, or has good motifs, like this one with the Mayflower, pinecones, and what I thought was the Statue of Liberty.

This is a later Meakin plate. Again bought for the images, ships and NY Harbor. I think the ship Friendship, out of Salem Mass, was an 1800s clipper ship that was also used by the US Navy as a war ship. Notice the bottom lozenge where it is in a battle, and renamed.

Both plates are probably last part of 20th century in age. I almost always will buy a transferware plate with a ship or harbor scene, old or new.
Then I spent ages in the shirt racks:
Shirts were only 5.99/ 50% off this time so I went ahead and added some lovely pastels for my Random throw I am planning.

Here is one of the inspiration quilts from Pinterest. here

There's a whole Improv  quilts movement, plus ''liberated'' quilting a la Gwen Marston. I can look on YouTube or at the library for books here is one book [if they ever are open and I get a new card]--or I can just be, well, random, and make things up as I go.  I think I 'd rather embrace randomness than improv. Not musical at all, lol. Especially when I sew. Okay maybe Beach Boys or old Tom Petty when I drive on a summer beach night, but that's about all. You don't want to hear me sing along on the way to the icecream stand. (The improv  quilting books seems to relate to musical improvisation. Maybe. Hence my tangent.)

My quilt I made with seashell toile and Japanese indigos, years ago, was a random make do block that I designed before these internet quilt fads began [or I knew of them anyway]. It was easy and simple way to utilize all my scraps of antique indigo.  So I'll see. Anyway, I'm pretty set with shirts for that project and my blue shirting/ cheddar handles Baskets [winter 2018?] quilt.
I always love having a stack of new fabrics on my cutting table, don't you!

PS Has anyone seen or signed up for this sewalong?  Down the Rabbit Hole The quilt looks adorable, I am so tempted. And here is another I am loving now. Chasing Zinnias One or both or neither...? Have a good week. Mo and I will be back Friday with some spring walks/ pics. See ya then.



gone to the beach...