I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, May 20, 2019

The Friday Flea

Hi on a Monday evening. Warmer days finally [58, 62-ish], pink pompom clouds in a palest blue sky. Soft west wind blowing  from the city, a hint of warm in its wafts. I do enjoy the longer evenings, don't you? If Mo and I are organized we can get out before dark for his ''bedtime'' walk!

Friday however was cold with spitty rain. I ventured off to the church flea market, got there very early. I did find parking on the street but hadn't planned well and didn't bring  a magazine or catalog, knitting or sewing  to pass the 45 minute wait before the flea doors open. [Yes I had my phone but not my little cheater reading glasses, I'd left home in such rush.] Next week I'll bring lunch, a book, and my knitting.

The flea ladies kindly opened the doors about 10 minutes early. The ''white elephants'' aka the sale stock were fun and new, so I guess it pays to miss a few weeks. BTW The dollhouse has been moved to the far back aisle and reduced to $75.oo, I'm waiting for $20.oo and even then...?

Here are items that caught my eye but I didn't bring home.

20th century polychrome Staffordshire ice water pitcher. England, 1930?

The blue with a rose pitcher/ vase I've mentioned before. English, 1890-1910. It looks nothing like i described from memory, lol. Much too $$, at ten dollars.

Interesting if kitschy mid century modern/ folk art platter. Yolk yellow with brown in a stylized Grandma Moses design. I didn't get to see the back, must research. Some guy was very intent and was crowding me.
edit: I think I found this Royal China, Sebring Ohio. From 1955, called Buck's County. A platter sells for about 15-20 dollars on eBay.

Very turquoise modern Spode repro. Just too too much, not authentic even tho my fave color usually. 

Large low rimmed Stangl serving bowl in the Sunflower-Forget-me-nots design. Very pretty, very large.

Below: Where was this when I needed yellow accent items for my April-May yellow decor!? Pineapple bowl.


Love this big glass pumpkin for Fall get-togethers, picture it with white sangria, lots of apple chunks, or spiced cider, how fun! 

And I LOVE this mold, a Nordicware cake mold. I either don't host things like Thanksgiving now, or if I do, no one will eat cake, but I'd love to make a cake with this mold! A fragrant spice cake, maybe just a brandy and sugar and orange drizzle frosting? But. No. 

One thing I keep seeing but not buying is a sweet English white ironstone bowl, in an octagonal shape. c. 1900? $1.00---good for shells or sea glass. I also didn't take a Martha Stewart kit that was a modern bibbed  apron, heavy white cotton, with a stamped redwork embroidered lobster on the front. Red thread still in the package.It was really cute, even tho I hate to embroider. If not for an apron it could make a fun little accent pillow. Sometimes I get tired and just pass up things I could actually use, sigh. Plus the crowd was pushy and aggressive, also tiring, off-putting.

What DID I buy? I've had so much fun and success with the linens I find at this flea, like the green dotty apron and the blue and yellow sheet for Blue Baskets' backing. I rummaged under the  table of awful curtains and found this darling flower sprig sheet and one pillow case.

They are both in perfect clean condition, 100% cotton feeling. I'm tempted after a few more washings to put them on my bed to mid-summer, though the elastic of the fitted sheet seems shot.

Isn't the tiny pleated ruffle on the pillow case so adorable?

Bought for quilt fabric and backings. $1.oo each.


Back home, Mo and I were pleased to find marigolds planted in the beach alley way.

All else there still seems grey and bare, but we're hopeful .

We also saw lilacs in bud, a rare [here] catbird!,

and these lovely if improbable Mothers Day hydrangeas.

I finished but for washing my TQC 1880 Sampler today. We are experiencing ''flushing'' here, where the town--county?--flushes our water pipes twice a year to remove sand and rust. The tap water can suddenly be the color of over steeped tea---or even old espresso, which has ruined many a load of laundry over the years. Somehow the work is always scheduled just when you're spring cleaning and want to wash curtains or bedding, ick. However, putting that last stitch in the binding of a project begun January 2018 was a thrill. I was encouraged to send out three more quilts for quilting, including Westering Women. Exciting!



gone to the beach...

PS The redchannel  buoy is still on the beach, but whoever is in charge of markers and buoys [Julie here says the Coast Guard?] has replaced it with another out at sea, plus the green and white buoys are reset in place, or also replaced. So the ships and boats are safe, don't worry that they will run aground.

PPS Mary Lee the 1 1/2 ton great white shark who visits every summer, is back! here She is followed via a transmitter, since I think, 2012. She was headed right to the beach here!  There is an area off Montauk where the sharks give birth and raise the babies.  Mary Lee has her own Twitter account. HERE *I was upset to learn how cruel it is to tag these magnificent if deadly animals, but I am still posting about Mary Lee because her story is interesting, her life impressive

I think Black Skimmers. I didn't get too close, they attack.