I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Keeping On


Hi guys! Just because I have a new ''baby'' in the house doesn't mean life  can just stop entirely while we all adjust to our new routine.

Mo was a big help today during my photo shoot!

I finished a custom order and also made just a few new pretties with the rest of the linen pieces I used for an etsy order. (baby shower! For party favors I made 40 white vintage hearts with pink and blue antique buttons. Really adorable.)

 These are large lavender sachets.


I picture them hanging with your/ their/ whoever's favorite winter coat when you store it until next winter.


I keep the lavender scent light on these, adding some polyfil for plumpness. You can also add a spritz of your favorite perfume, if you'd like.


Last week on the beach I finished sewing the binding on this crib quilt, made from c.1830-1860 fabrics. A good wash plumped it up without ruining the aging or old dyes.

 I love looking at the prints in the stars.

And on Sunday, as we waited endlessly for time to go to the airport for Mo, such a long day!---I finished sewing all the d-#-%-n  leaves on this Mr. Sunshine block. It isn't well-pressed because it's very humid today, but the tree is supposed to be very symetrical, a notion that didn't dawn on me til about a week ago. [a year too late!] Oh well.

Mo thinks it looks okay....

I am treating myself to the whale and rainbow block next, hope to get it prepped tomorrow for the beach weekend.

And I haven't been neglecting my beach birds.

These are plover nests/ cages. The plovers are there, but highly camouflaged and sand colored.

There are three plover cages in this photo, one to the right, and one waaaaay back in the dunes. click any image to view large photos

This is/ was the oystercatchers' nest. In the flotsam just above the piece of driftwood.

She was on her nest on Sunday the 8th, gone, with her chicks, by Tuesday 10th. The babies stay only till all the eggs hatch, then the parents hide their little families back in the high dunes, coming down to the shore only at sunrise and dusk to teach the babies how to feed on the tideline's tiny organisms. I was sad that I didn't see the babies hatch this year....
 My wild kitties are finding Mo off-putting,lol. Stripey looked so supercilious when we met him earlier today on our walk. The twin here just wants her dinner!

Have a great weekend! Any special plans?

gone to the beach