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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cabana Stripes

Hi guys! You've heard about "Meatless Mondays" probably.  more info HERE

"Meatless Monday is global movement with a simple message: once a week, cut the meat. Launched in 2003".
This is supposed to enhance our health by us eating ''healthy'' once a week. I'm not a purist [you know we had the endless meatloaf on Monday! And Tuesday, and.....

This week I made Cabana Striped ravioli. You can find all kinds of fun and unusual pastas in the fresh food/ cold case at the market. 

Although truth is, plain cheese ravs are probably the best? I was peering in and saw these adorable pastas! Big yellow and white striped pasta squares. Cute.

Usually striped pasta is lobster or squid, not something I want to eat. Ever.  So I was very pleased to see this box of goat cheese dried tomato ravs.

They cook in only 3 minutes.

I made a fresh eggplant sauce for the ravioli. I found an organic eggplant--not thrilled with the massive packaging! And it wasn't ripe. But, ok.

Peel, dice, salt, wait 15 minutes. Rise and drain.

Get the pasta water started, but don't boil the ravs yet.

Put some olive oil in a heavy pan and saute the eggplant. Towards the end add minced garlic and half moon chop / diced onions.

Eggplant isn't so pretty but it smells great and tastes delicious!

When the eggplant is translucent and soft, add fresh tomatoes and black olives or capers. 

I just used the prepared Italian salad from the deli case. 

Separate the little mozzarella balls. De-pit the olives!!! Toss everything, add some wine or broth or water--just a smidge. 1/4 C?. Salt , pepper, basil. Sugar or sweetener, 1 T will remove the acidity of the vegs. Simmer gently.

Now cook the ravioli. After three minutes, scoop the ravioli into the sauce pot. Use a slotted spoon or tongs. [the ravioli can be fragile]. 

Gently toss everything, adding the reserved mozzarella balls

Serve with freshly grated parm.

The entire meal took less than 3o minutes to prepare. The dozen ravs were dinner for three people.

I made a big tricolor salad on the side: radicchio, endive, and romaine; bleu cheese, walnuts. Lemon juice and olive oil, very simple dressing. The ravioli is also really good with raised broccolini, in season right now and sooo delicious.
As you know we're having lots of snow here at the beach.

Snow days mean sewing days. Today I made an audition section of a sawtooth border for Pokeberry. I figured I should make a tryout before I made 150 or so half square triangles, aka sawteeth. Sawtooths?

Oh. Oh yes. 

yes yes yes. I love it, it's perfect.

Don't mind Mo, he likes things snugglier and fuzzier,lol.

Very cold weather is coming. Zero on Saturday. Even I might curtail my beach walks if it's freakn' 0* How about you?



gone to the beach....

PS Mo loved The Puppy Bowl.