I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Friday Flea ~ Mid July

Hi! Yes July is half over, will this be the fastest summer ever? I do think so.

Yesterday I was NOT going to the flea, I just was not. But it was very hot and still and the microscopic gnats were in a feeding frenzy out on the deck. Neither Mo or I was comfortable with the constant pricking bites and heat, so I got him settled in the air conditioned house and took myself off to the late Friday opening of the church flea.

I was hoping for a few pretty ceramic flower pots for my basil and possible tarragon, but no.

Instead first thing I spied was this collection of vintage glass flower frogs.

They have had these before, they do sell fast. I like them for pattern weights for marking and cutting fabric, tho the ones I use are metal, I thinks cast aluminum. These are nice and weighty, but at 5 and 6 dollars each are too expensive for me.

What did I buy?

The tipping point item, the item worth standing in line to pay for, were the two deep blue linen plaid kitchen towels for $2.oo. I always need towels, use them in hopes of cutting down on paper towel use. If you've ever shopped for 100% linen towels at Home Goods, or even cotton ones from Target or Walmart, you know a dollar each is a real steal.

Plus I love the color, so deep a blue they are almost purple.

Then these little guys were peeping out from an upper shelf. Little folk art shorebirds, sandpipers in my imagination. $2.oo. So cute and whimsical.

I really love them, I have a small collection of wooden carved shorebird ''decoys'', so for two bucks, they too made the cut.

Then--I dithered over this guy.

Really nice yellowware medium-small bowl, not a repro. Charmingly crude brown stripes, great condition. Again, $2.oo.

Didn't need it but I wanted it it,lol. Cheapest bowl I ever bought.

What I didn't get: The ladies still won't sell the Christmas calico apron, with tiny holly sprigs. Seems it is a favorite of "Agnes" 's, she wears it to sell on Saturdays. Huh. And I'm looking for a linen tablecloth or sheet for a white on white, wool and velvet applique coverlet project designed by Maggie Bonanomi. I got interested in it from a FB prim sewing group; I thought I would use one of G'Gma's handwoven linen sheets, but so far I am not sure I can use them that way. [too special]. So I am looking for alternatives. Note to self, look in textiles closet before you buy.

Total spent - $6.oo


Back home the garden on my deck is doing well. Flowers are starting, much sooner than the 90 days it said on the seed packets.

These are called Cut-and-Come Again/ State Fair. So far I haven't cut any, I love waking up to their bright faces.

Tiny zinnias too: Thumbellina, 

And one Green Envy zinnia that survived a Mo tantrum in early May. {He knocked over all the seeded pots and tossed the dirt and seeds everywhere, yap-yap-yap! He hated them,lol. They were intruders!]

Hope your flowers are blooming and your weekend was fun!



gone to the beach.....

Today's beach: brilliant blue sky and surf, gale winds. Big waves full of sea salt and good negative ions and great beauty. Hot by the cottage, cold by the water. Click for slideshow, to see the birds in flight.

Most beautiful of the seagulls, a Laughing gull. They come from the far north where they nest, stay only a short time mid-summer. Very graceful, raucous laughing call.

 Terns NOT liking humans in their water/ space: