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Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Diamonds the The Tree?

Hi! A quick post tonight...just to mention that more of my crystal chandelier drops/ prisms Christmas ornament are now on sale in my eBay shop.

Just in case you wanted some, the others sold really fast.

Probably won't make anymore this year, unless I get some of the icicles done, last minute...

Also---on etsy...adorable red and white Swedish/ IKEA inspired hearts,made by me.

These are unscented but I can add a tiny drop of "Christmas Morning" oil to scent them (or lavender, etc)...

I particularly love them all in a big group...but I did list them in small sets to be thinking of people's budgets. I have more stripes somewhere, lol, and can make even more, time permitting.

Gingerbread house tomorrow! Wish us luck.



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