I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Flea Market

 Sundays' flea market was exuberant...
I can find no other word. Maybe everyone was happy because they got to sleep late?

The drive was spectacular...on my little island, what few trees we have lost all their leaves during last week's nor'easter/ snow storm. Instead our autumn color comes from the silvery plumes of the marsh grass, the red of Virginia creeper vines, and everywhere branches glowing orange, laden with bittersweet berries. 

Once I crossed the bridges, there was a protected belt of still green trees, then near the market, about 3 miles north of the ocean, the trees glowed scarlet and gold in the low autumn sun. It was just so perfect. No wonder everyone was happy.

Despite my enthusiasm, I didn't find much.

A new dealer friend flagged me down to show me a treasure he'd saved for me, a wonderful 19th century child's photo. So serious in his black dress-up suit! Perhaps as young as 2 or 3?

Last week I bought quite a few photos of children from what was then a huge stash...

Now only one partial box was left and the dealer told me he saved all the children just for me.
Such faces!

Lydia - 6 [mo.?]

Leonard Small, aged 11 months, left
Lawrence Costello 6 months, right

And the attitude!

I believe this anonymous litle girl is at the beach! I love her dress with the petticoats and her black highbuttoned shoes (poor kid)...

This little guy has his wonderful Scotty dog and quite a pretty dress. (I wasn't thrilled ath my kids said he looks like me! Though he does look like early photos of my dad. I of course was much cuter. And thinner,lol.)

Here's this weeks group:
Note especially the boys in the studio prop rowboat. With their Easter basket...

I love to study these old photos. The clothes are amazing. And I use them for my Memory collages Christmas ornaments, too:

One of the cards says "Photographs of Generals of both armies for sale'' so it was taken just post-Civil War, perhaps 1865-70.

It is the little girl, top left in the group below:

.When I enhanced my own photo her name became visible, handwritten in pencil: Ellena B. Carlisle diughter of W J & A H [?] Carlisle. Sadly no date or age though.

Then from my jewelry friend...in her junk-treasure bin (every week she sets out a tray the size of a large cookie sheet, fills it with random "stuff" watch parts, beads, rhinestone pins, charms, a ball of necklaces and chains. Old keys. Marbles, who knows what!? It's very popular, and in fact a woman was sort of hogging the space, she was very annoyed when I wanted to look too. So I just  whisked out a couple treasures:

This  handful was 6.oo! You can see how I repurpose the old rhinestone buckles as collage frames.

Then this beautiful, though slightly shabby bird of Paradise. Note the "ruby" eye and enamelled tail feathers. c.1910.

Tiniest little tin box imaginable! Barely 1'' x 5/8".  Intriguing---shall it become an amulet? a message charm? A secret wish locket? Two collage charms?

If the Cartier watch, below, is real it was one heck of a bargain! If it's fake, well I m still thrilled because it looks very real to me. My watch guy will get it running for me and check the serial number. Either way I'm happy! Though actually if it is real I'll sell it on eBay---and I want it!

more soon ~ Can you believe we're already planning Thanksgiving! Time flies here at the beach...



gone to the beach......

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