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Monday, June 11, 2018

Mo's Adoption Day Party ~ 4 Years

Hi! Some pics from Mo's party this weekend. He was a very good boy and we all had fun. The birthday box from Chewy.com was great, fun and a good value.

Mo's birthday is actually in March, and of course he got prezzies then too, but we make a big deal of our pets' adoption days always. Mo's arrival was especially exciting because we had looked for a reputable breeder of quality pugs for more than a year, after trying for years to  find a rescue pug. Mo was purchased before he was born; we then had the fun of waiting for his birth. We had the pick of the litter, though of course they were all adorable. Mo was finally chosen! The breeder taught him his name and gave him his own little bed so he'd feel safe once separated from the other puppies and his mommy. We had to wait 10 weeks til Mo was old enough to travel from California to New York. He arrived via a special flight to JFK on June 8, 2014. He peeked out of his travel crate and we all fell in love. He only weighed seven pounds!

Now he rules the house, aka, Mo World.

Mo loves these Meatballs!

New vestie in tie dye aqua and lime green.

 Toy cake, great squeaker!

Vestie is an XL, sigh. He no longer weighs just seven pounds.


 Party hat!

 Maybe Mo got a little overexcited?

 We had fun!



gone to the beach......