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Friday, May 9, 2014

First Farmers Market---Asparagus Season

decorative rosemary and French lavender

 Hi everyone! This week our farmers market opened in town! I was excited, because as you know I love fresh foods and outdoor markets.

It was a cold brisk day. Not warm enough for the town's square's fountain to be filled, and you can see there's not a hint of buds on the big old sycamore trees.

But the market was busy and everyone seemed cheerful and happy to welcome this hint of spring.

Of course the market sells only locally grown (NY, NJ, PA) produce and products.

so sweet for Mothers Day! Love the orange!


Cheeses---must try!

A new guy with spices [maybe a local importer of?]....

This time of year our farmers offer mostly herbs and bedding flowers.



A few have greenhouses and they have fresh ripe tomatoes. A true luxury in May.

More herbs---beautiful large rosemary and lavender plants. They also had nice perennials, like Russian sage which blooms such a heavenly blue all summer.

more flowers...


The main food crops in season are---besides herbs---baby lettuces and spinach, plus my favorite asparagus.

Cut fresh that morning! I hope it lives up to its 5.oo a bunch exorbitant price.

I plan to make this recipe tonight.

I enjoy the market, love seeing the vendors, shopping outdoors in the fresh air. The prices though are often beyond my budget, which is too bad. I understand the growers [organic no less] have their overhead and travel expenses, they sit there all day...but at these prices I have to look at shopping there as a fun outing, like a movie or a margarita with friends. A treat not a lifestyle.

I got a kick out of this handwritten sign! Such a bargain: pots of annual flowers 5.oo each OR  5 for 25.oo. LOL.


Do you have a farmers market you enjoy? Is it expensive? I hope you go and treat yourself, at least now and then, to  a sweet bunch of asparagus or a head of baby lettuce.

PS Wonderful recycled plastic bottle market bags here on Barbara Brackman's quilting blog.


gone to the beach

Town beach, public this time of year, then a fee during the summer.
Note: no crowds!
public town beach, also below