I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Candy Cane Christmas

Hi! I never got to show you guys my red and white Christmas decor, did I? Due to runaway camera issues and all!

Almost before I shooed the last Thanksgiving guest out the door a few weeks ago I was running around, de-orangeing and de-cheddaring, de-pumpkin-ing the house. I LOVE autumn and the deep rich colors, but geez, enough. Six weeks from Columbus Day toT'giving is too much of a good thing.

This year I am going for that white beachy-Nordic look, with touches of red...but berries and folk art are creeping in!

olde farmhouse simples

olde farmhouse simples

Red Christmas toile pillows, red and white quilts....

red and green tranferware...

Swedish hearts in an old bowl..


In bloom!

Roses and berries...

Natural linens...new, French! from Target.... :-)

And trearured heirloom, trousseau hand spun, hand woven Swiss and German linens from my family. My great-grandma brought hers here in a handmade wicker trunk! [2nd mongram]....

I'd love to tie those Swedish hearts on the chairs for Christmas dinner...and I was so inspired by IKEA's red gingham heart pillow I drove all the way out there to buy a few.
But no. Not in NY,lol.

click here  here to see Sarah, at a beach cottage's much more successful AU IKEA trip!
I am making my own..and it will be "better" old French linen homespun!

ikea, not available
And I just know my guests on Christmas Day will oooh and aw and marvel that I have the Valentines up already. (Never fails to baffle them, my Swedish folk art hearts at Christmas. Daunting, but ...).

More stuff  to add...this was just the underpinnings. Every day I am adding more. So fun and festive!



gone to the beach......



The wind whistles
a solitary song
tuneless, lonely
warning of the cold to come.
winter bites its heels,
Churning up the seas, changing
its palette from summer blue
to gunmetal grey....

author unknown... 

This December has been warm here at the beach. And foggy...

Peaceful, opalescent evenings....


 beginning before you know it

 hurry, hurry, it is

Three o'clock! It will be dark soon....

12/14/11----almost 60*, not even sweater weather. Should I finally put my shorts away? Or what?



 .........gone to the beach

note the curve of the earth
[or lens?]
 in the background
distance to the dunes is 2? miles