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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not Available at Hallmark

Hi! Now first let me say I LOVE Hallmark stores and cards and pretty things. Marjolein Bastin is an all time fave of mine. BUT they kinda fall down on the job when you're celebrating a young guy's birthday.

A friend has a summer birthday....I always do a get-together here for him. And of course a stack of gifts, even if "just for fun", are a necessary part of any birthday.

He is young and ---cool? He doesn't look like he should have formerly Father's Day  boring dark green and ick-blue gift wrap paper.

And I spent all my money on champagne anyway.

Soooo...a roll of brown craft paper, butchers paper, or mailing paper: 

A household sponge...a little sketch of a Tiki...

acrylic paint from the junk cupboard...

and voila`!

Much nicer and sooo easy!

I think he liked everything.

(especially  the champagne?).

Have a great week!

self-portrait with friends



................gone to the beach

PS The Dillingham family recipe for a perfect birthday:
favorite meal,
special friends...
and a lot of love.
[and cake, more cake!]
love, lizzy

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