I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Hello everyone! Mo and I are still mostly having to stay in and rest and heal. No wonderful beach walks to share with you! [wait! maybe...] And I always worry my non-quilting friends will tire of seeing my busy-work projects.
Remember that old Seinfeld episode where the boys plan a show ''about nothing''?--- LOL. This is similar---a post about nothing! My hip pain is responding to lots of rest and heating pad, although the pain tends to travel [joint inflammation] and now my left hand is also very painful. The good new is the shoulder pain has subsided.
Mo still is for some reason refusing to walk.

I am limiting him to one long walk per day. Usually if he got tired I'd carry him, but with the severe sob-inducing hip pain, I find it hard to heft his chubby self under my arm and walk with him. He tends to do his sit-downs as far from home as he can manage, too.

Mother's Day was sweet. Quiet, but nice. Lovely flowers from my kids..

And a bottle of this fun and soooo pretty rose' from a friend. Oh we need to stock up on this.

Problem is, it's hard to remain indoors once my hip is not so painful. Despite grey and very windy day, my beach is calling to me. Is there treasure after the storm flood tides? Did my birds make their nests in safe places. Let's go look!? Yes? no?
View from the bench at the top of the dune boardwalk.

It's almost low tide, and because it is almost the new moon, it is a very low tide.

Let's go investigate!

Only one piper nest so far, see the cage to the left? Looks like the high water just missed her.

The dunes are getting greener.

See how far out the tide has gone!

Lots of seaweed, like straw, from last week's storm/ flood tides. It looks ugly but is great for finding treasure. It will be raked up at sunset/ sunrise, by the sand-rake truck.

And here are exposed deposits of shells. Good for seaglass though I doubt I could bend over to pick anything up, isn't that awful...

You can see it's cold and grey. 53*, 18 mph wind blowing in off 40* ocean. bbbbrrrr.

Plovers and sanderlings.

I think they like it cold...
And sweet Gully? with two piping plovers. Piping plovers are endangered but the birds themselves are very unafraid, almost tame.



gone to the beach...

PS I think these shots would make really intersting paitings. Big canvases, gloppy acrylic or oil paints....Next trip t the thrift shop I'll look for XXL frames to use.

weird camera flaw shot

Simplified version in acrylic?

click any photo to enjoy a full screen look at the beach!