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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Flag Quilt: "I dun my Best!"

"I dun my best!"---supposedly the motto from an 18th century schoolgirl's [less than perfect] sampler.

Hi! Maybe the quote is just a folk myth (I don't think the phrase 'urban legend' can apply?), but I know how the little girl felt. I'm just happy I got all four of the pine tree blocks finished. They were our September assignment.

This guy went well! Flag of George Washington's first naval vessel.

I didn't want the embroidered saying Stairway (Appeal) to Heaven [how Led Zeppelin] on my quilt. The story in the book says this was also shown with grass instead of words, so I subbed the sawtooth strip.
But then. My hand injury/ arthritis thing started. Oh wow. Painful, not just to sew but to use scissors. I pushed on though, no pain-no gain.

This is a version of the Bunker Hill flag / jack :

Pine Tree flag:

Representative of all New England states, a symbol of strength.
I was so happy to find this dark green star fabric in my stash. It is a vintage Jan Patek print maybe 15 years old? I saved the selvedge with her name on it, to sew somewhere on my quilt acknowledging the designer.

Another Bunker Hill flag:

It was the last I worked on and the little tree is so crooked.

I expect I'll redo it, and so I machine stitched the tan square. I sewed this block on Sunday at the beach, a beautiful day but a gale blowing hard. Windy days knot the thread and toss tiny bits about. My hand hurt so bad! Like our anonymous school girl, I done my best.

Today I laid the blocks out with the central eagle. When I showed our project to a friend who is not a quilter but is a quilt collector, she had said the design is rather ''potchka'' which in Yiddish means a bit busy---scattered or messy or without plan. (I explained that that was the charm of primitive quilts.)Yet now as I am cutting the blocks I see an underlying pattern of rectangles and squares. Perhaps I will set my blocks in a more orderly way? It's an option.

Because heaven forbid my quilt is potchka. LOL.

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by Jan Patek



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